Chuck Kahn
Chuck KahnAssistant Editor, Freelance

What's the best app for tracking medications?

There are apps that will track my cellular data usage such as My Data Manager, which takes your cellular data plan monthly maximum as input and warns you if your cellular usage is on track to exceed that amount. Why isn’t there a medication app that takes my medication doses as input and warns me if my usage is on track to exceed the maximum daily dose? This would be helpful information! For example, the maximum daily dose for Acetaminophen is 4000 mg. So if I tell my app I had one Acetaminophen 500 mg at 8am, two more 500 mg at 12pm, two more 500 mg at 4pm, then the app would alert me that I'm at 62.5% towards the maximum daily dosage and I could act accordingly.
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    Simple & beautiful medication reminder

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    I'm a huge fan of Round for tracking what meds I'm taking as well as reminding me to take the ones I need to on a daily basis. It's hugely helpful and insightful.
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    Cloud-synced mobile medication management platform

    Arpy Vanyan
    Arpy VanyanLead Developer, Inapptics · Written
    I use this app for tracking my daily meds. Very useful. I doubt that it will tell you about overdose, but it's definitely a good one for tracking your daily meds.