Jonathan James
Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching.

How can I discover new musicians in my local area?

It seems searching on SoundCloud is the best option, but honestly I haven't tried looking.. maybe Bandcamp's search feature? I remain curious
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    Sofar Sounds

    Secret, intimate gigs in living rooms around the world.

    Ben Shepherd
    Ben ShepherdMarketing, Go Fish Digital · Written
    SoFar sounds is a really great, unique way to discover local talent. Most of the concerts are quite intimate venues like people's homes.
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    Agnieszka5LiveChat | social media | Sofar Sounds · Written
    Totally agree! I organize it in my city :)
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    Publishing platform for musicians

    Brandon Anzaldi
    Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ ToTheTens · Written
    Bandcamp's search is definitely a great tool. They have a somewhat limited "Filter by Location" option, but also just putting your town/city name as a tag to search for is a great option too. For example, apparently there are a bunch of bands from the city where I went to high school.
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    • Alexey
      AlexeyFull of ideas, it overflows

      Bandcamp is a cool company that provide little artists attention, and a cool way to promote themselves. It's really useful to discover artists from underground subgenres, plus it imply a music label notion, like some vaporwave label that sell every digital product of their artists for like $4. You can listening to music by streaming directly from the browser or mobile app, or by downloading it.