Phil Haddad
Phil HaddadSr. UX Designer @ Dick's Sporting Goods

What product has the best in-app analytics?

My company is wanting to take a closer look at tracking user behavior in our web apps. Something like Heap was a bit outside of our price range, and we've considered Hotjar as well as Mixpanel. Anyone with firsthand experience that can advocate for a great solution would be appreciated!
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    Mixpanel's New Free Plan + Startup Perks

    The most powerful product analytics, for free

    JasonKristoforMedia director / PM / builder of things · Written
    Our team uses Mixpanel and it has worked out pretty well in keeping track of in-app events and behavior, and they also have a mobile app ( to monitor your dashboard and metrics while you ride the train or sit in line for coffee. We previously used Localytics, which is also pretty slick.
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Lukas Mehnert
    Lukas MehnertB2B SaaS Marketer · Written
    Smartlook is getting you the best insights combining session recording, automatic event tracking, funnels, retrospective data and heatmaps.
    Maria Yelena Zalatova
    Maria Yelena ZalatovaMarketing consultant · Written
    Perfect to get qualitative data about the app usage. I would recomend to combine it with some quantitative analytics suit like amplitude.
    This is perfect for unity based app.
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    Amplitude Mobile Analytics

    Mobile analytics without worrying about data volume

    We use Segment and Amplitude. Depending on your volume, Amplitude could be a lot cheaper than Mixpanel.
    David Packles
    David PacklesSenior Director of Product @ Peloton · Written
    At Peloton, we are massive fans of Amplitude. As a subscription-based business, we are constantly looking at behaviors tied to high engagment and retention. The enterprise solution unlocks the ability to create behavioral cohorts based on any action taken in the app or any trait of the user, which is incredibly powerful. Also the team is constantly improving the product. Couldn't recommend these guys enough. *We use Amplitude via Segment rather than the direct integration.
    Fabian Maume
    Fabian MaumeFounder of · Written
    Amplitude has similar capability than Mixpanel. Their pricing is based on number of events rather than user so you might be able to stay on free plan longer depending on your app usage.
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    App success made simple by google

    Björn Antonissen
    Björn Antonissen🇳🇱 Freelance Designer & Developer · Written
    With Google Firebase you can track users and event. I use Mixpanel and Firebase too
    Good for mobile app project
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    Collect your data once, then send it to 200+ tools.

    Pulkit Agrawal
    Pulkit AgrawalCEO @trychameleon for user onboarding · Written
    Whichever you choose, I would strongly recommend that you implement it via Segment. Once you've instrumented the events you want to track via Segment then you have the freedom to choose any analytics visualizer (Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap etc.) and also to switch visualizer at the click of a button. This will allow you to try out a few tools. The other major advantage of using Segment is that you can also have access to a ton of other JS-based tools that your product may benefit from. Tools that we've implemented via Segment include everything from MailChimp to Intercom to FB ads pixel to Heap.
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    Collect user feedback from web apps. Simple and customizable

    Claire Lacompte
    Claire Lacomptefreelance marlketer · Written
    Perfect to get in app user feedback
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    Soumyadeb Mitra
    Soumyadeb MitraFounder of RudderLabs · Written
    Amplitude/MixPanel is great if their pricing works for you. Google Analytics is great too but it is not as flexible as Amplitude - you have to send custom dimensions/custom metrics which can be a pain. There are a few open-source Analytics tools too like Matomo but I don't have first-hand experience. Whatever you choose, I second what Pulkit said - you should send the data via Segment or RudderStack (disclaimer: I am the founder of open-source RudderStack). Beyond the flexibility of switching Analytics providers easily, these will also give a dump of all the events into your data-warehouse like Redshift/BigQuery etc. You can connect your favorite BI tool (looker, tableau, superset, metabase, etc) and query the raw data in SQL which can sometimes be powerful. Having a copy of your event-stream data outside of the cloud Analytics vendors is a good practice. Hope this helps.
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    Workplace by Facebook

    Connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action

    John Egan
    John EganMobile Product Manager from Chicago⚡️ · Written
    On many of our apps we use Facebook Analytics. It comes with the Facebook SDK and it's much more powerful in my opinion then Firebase. Many more options for segmenting, seeing user demographics, filtering and more. Comes with push campaigns as well. Best part is that it's FREE :)
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    Product Analytics and Innovation

    Orhan Bayram
    Orhan Bayramco-founder & ceo @helotogether · Written
    360° Web and Mobile Analytics
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    Clifford Oravec
    Clifford OravecThat "Epic Guide" Guy · Written
    Clifford Oravec made this product
    If you're looking to get an in-depth understanding of your web app's user experience, Tamboo lets you watch recordings of people using your application, and also provides heat maps and funnel analytics that can help you understand user behavior at a summary level.
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    Customer Analytics for Everyone

    Esmeralda Martinez made this product
    Indicative is a robust behavioral analytics platform that is specifically designed for business users to understand customer behavior and optimize customer engagement, conversion, and retention. It allows marketing and product teams to analyze a single view of customer behavior across all their digital touchpoints, including web, app, email automation, support systems, databases and data warehouses, without requiring any involvement from BI specialists or engineers.
    Indicative is great for tracking in-app events and is less expensive than Mixpanel, Heap, and Hotjar. Indicative's free plan offers 1 billion user events/actions per month, unlimited user seats, unlimited projects, 12 mo. of data history, and more. It offers all of the same functionality, with faster performance, and at a fraction of the cost.