Gaurav Agrawal
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Are there any good products to streamline the code review process and help to increase code quality?

Product which help to increase code quality .
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    Velocity 2.0

    Actionable metrics for engineering leaders

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Definitely give Code Climate. Automatically gives new code a grade & identifies code smells/security issues. Takes care of a lot of things manual reviewers would have to check for. Letting a robot do it is much easier.
    Ivan Burban
    Ivan BurbanCMO at Saldo Apps · Written
    looks great!
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    Code review as a service

    I recommend using a Linter to clean up your style and analyze your code. If you're looking to improve the code of every pull request / merge request then checkout PullRequest. We provide on-demand code review from experts disclaimer: I'm on the team building PullRequest :)
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    Kangho Kim
    Kangho KimProduct Manager at DeepScan · Written
    Kangho Kim made this product
    If you use JavaScript seriously, take a look at DeepScan. It provides specialized static analysis for JavaScript code and integration with GitHub (automatically checking the code pushed or pull requested to the repository). To be honest, I'm the maker of it :)
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    Code reviews made fun

    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    It's a comprehensive code review tool, built for teams working on projects where code quality is crucial.