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What's the best window manager for Mac?

I'm a neat freak and would like to keep my workspace organised, so I'm looking for the best window manager available for Mac (MacOS / Mac OS X). This can be both a free or a paid app.
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    Magnet for Mac

    Keep your workspace organized

    Honestly, I don't think there is a "best", but this one is pretty awesome, affordable, and usually ranks in the Top 5 Top Paid apps on the App Store. I use it and it's combo of using either keyboard shortcuts and/or grid system is great.
    Magnet for Mac is really easy to use. Be on the look out for times when they have the app on sale for $1. It is definitely worth it.
    Jürgen KrauseMac User since I am 50 :-) · Written
    I love Magnet, it is installed in a few seconds and working is so much more efficient. I wonder though if there is a screen manager, which allows to manage individual splits for every work space.
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    Move and resize windows with ease on Mac.

    KorbinEngineering @ AngelList · Written
    I like Spectacle because of the hotkeys - super efficient, free.
    Free, easy to use, great shortcuts
    Shane KEngineer, Runner, Coffee Drinker · Written
    I was a Moom user for a long time. Then I found this - its free and the keyboard shortcuts are awesome!
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    Indispensable window management for Macs

    Joseph ThomasJoseph Thomas, Standard Quality · Written
    I love Moom because my hands never have to leave the keyboard
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    The missing gesture layer for macOS.

    Christian RenningerMinimalist, highly opinionated. · Edited
    Christian Renninger made this product
    Check this out if you're a trackpad user! Swish uses swipe gestures for window snapping instead of dragging or keyboard shortcuts. It includes a 2×2 and 2×3 grid, custom offsets and support for spaces & multi-monitor setups.
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    Maxim K.Mac app loverboy · Written
    This is pretty darn close to perfect for what I always wanted with a gesture / controller app. • Dock icon and window titlebar gestures are top dollar good (just wish I could customize them). • Multi-layer gestures is a very smart solution, love it • Ability to add modifiers to actions is very good to have • BUILT IN PINCH TO ZOOM AUTO-FIXER WHATTTTTT?!?!?!? 🤤✨
    Timothy TeiberGerman engineering student · Written
    Changed the way I use my Macbook! Unbelievably usefull app that I don't want to miss in the future. Using gestures to manage my windows has saved me at least 1/4 of time! Thanks a lot, can't recommend it enough 😍
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    Move & resize windows in MacOS via shortcuts & snap areas

    I used to use Spectacle, but it recently lost support, so I switched to Rectangle and it's free, open source, and does a great job!
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    Free OS X app to configure custom gestures for your trackpad

    Charles HanFounder of Catchup · Written
    This is one of the few software that I actually paid for when I was a student. It's "Magnet for Mac" on steroids. I use shortcuts like a ⌘+option+, to put a window on left half of the screen, ⌘+option+. for right half, ⌘+option+control+, to move a window to the left desktop, and etc. You can customize anything, and even make macros.
    mark!Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Red Bull · Written
    My entire life is hot-keyed through this app, it's an absolute game changer.
  7. I started using this with Setapp and have stuck with it. Love the customization options!
    Pavlo PedenkoProduct Manager @ Setapp.com. · Written
    You can check Mosaic which is available free for a month as a part of Setapp subscription.
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    Manage your window positions and size from your keyboard

    petestaplesPresident, Blue Clover Devices · Written
    Simple, low-cost. Most of our team uses it.
  9. Great pick for the hardcore users that are looking for something that's usually only available on Linux, but now on MacOS.
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    Automated window management for Mac ✨

    Jason RadosProduct Manager at Hotjar · Written
    Remembers and restores layouts! I have one setup for work and it launches all the relevant apps and places them perfectly.
    This is totally underrated.
  11. This was the first app I looked for and actually paid for when I moved over from a PC to a Mac. Been using it ever since. That's 5 years and counting! It just works.
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    Keyboard Maestro

    Conduct your Mac like a pro

    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Keyboard Maestro is a robust and feature-packed app for Mac and can serve as a great tool for enhanced Mac experience. I am not sure if you will find this as a good window manager though.
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    Window management at its simplest

    Igor DebaturCo-founder and CEO of Uploadcare · Written
    Just works, it copies Windows 10 window stretching UX and does it really well
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    Simple Mac window management

    Aizat FaizFounder at Deep Thought · Written
    I've been using this for years. Works on both Mac and Windows. I like the modal that allows me to select how I want the window organized.
  15. Main features of the software: 1. Split screen on Mac into multiple sizes and positions by 7 preset window locations 2. Draw the desired size and location for a window by grid 3. Use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly control your window positions 4. Support most apps and keep update all the time 5. Work on a great stability and performance
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    Window management application

    Arthur ChafonovSoftware developer · Written
    Programmable with simple configuration options, free and open source.
  17. Viktor LesykUnique experience wizard. · Written
    Small useful utility, which mimics Windows behavior of changing windows sizes when mouse hit left/top/right sides of the desktop; also supports keyboard shortcuts.
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    Launch a bunch of macOS apps just with 1 shortcut or click!

    OrxaniOS & macOS developer · Written
    Orxan made this product
    WorkspacePro allows to launch a bunch of apps at the same time and You define in which screen position and size will be apps' windows.
  19. Split Screen Ultimate is the most comprehensive app to manage windows on your Mac. With window snapping and keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly split windows and boost your productivity.
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    The fast, easy way to organize windows on your Mac

    ArisSoftware engineer · Written
    Aris made this product
    If you are looking for a window manager app that supports: - gestures (trackpad & magic mouse) - keyboard shortcuts - snapping by dragging windows to corners/edges - menu bar options all in one single app, you may want to check out Grid (https://macgrid.app).