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What is the best push notifications service?

Looking to send regular push notifications of new products from our service to Desktop and mobile users. I'm giving priority (for now) to sending the largest ammout of notifications with the lower (free, if possible) cost. Just started using PushCrew, that allows up to 500 users. But know PushPrime came to my attention, which would allow me to send notifications to up to 3k users! Wanted to know if there is any other service I should consider before jumping into PushPrime. If the service doesn't quite meet the free 3k users mark, but you think deserves a shoutout, do explain why you think it does!
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    Boost engagement with smart push notifications

    Vladimir Vladimirov
    Vladimir VladimirovDeveloper @ Product Hunt Β· Written
    At Product Hunt we've switched to OneSignal after Parse had shut down. I really like cross-platform support (Safari, Chrome, iOS, MacOS).
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    Randy Ellis
    Randy Ellis5ivehat Founder | Instructor @GA_Chicago Β· Written
    Justin George
    Justin Georgecrunching numbers at statsph.com Β· Written
    simple setup and dashboard. Works as expected and free service
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    Create a chat app in 5min

    AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. Β· Written
    Pusher has been building top-notch products, and a little less than a year ago they've launched their mobile push notifications product. I personally haven't used it myself, but looks like it is currently still in beta and free to use.
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    Amazon Go

    Amazon stores with no lines or checkout πŸ›

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin MitchellBuilding products @SoFriendly Β· Written
    I would recommend Amazon SNS. Runs on AWS, very customizable.
    Stefan Aichholzer
    Stefan AichholzerSoftware adventurer & epilogue writer. Β· Written
    SNS is probably the best and cheapest one around. The disadvantage here vs. the other popular contenders is that you will not have all the fancy metrics some of them offer.
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    Truepush - Free Push Notifications

    Feature rich, high volume notifications with deep analytics

    Great Pick! Truepush is free forever service as per what their website says and claim that they will remain free forever. Installed the code and seems to work fine. I liked the features they are offering, cross-platform, segmentation, multi language support etc
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    LEAD.bot for Microsoft Teams

    Virtual coffees-buddy matching app in Teams for employees

    Stephen Co
    Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc. Β· Written
    Seemingly free to use from what I can tell. That may change in the future though.
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    Push notifications for websites and mobile web.

    RamonStartup Enthusiast Β· Written
    Robust and simple
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    GDPR friendly, feature-rich web push notifications

    Marius Gebhardt
    Marius GebhardtI build software Β· Written
    Marius Gebhardt made this product
    If you care about Enterprise features and fast support, CleverPush is the way to go. They are also from Germany and are prepared for GDPR.
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    The all-in-one marketing automation app for Shopify stores

    Ollivia Greenspon
    Ollivia GreensponDigital Marketing Specialist Β· Written
    There are no doubts that the push notification is replacing the email subscription services. I quit using email subscription services six months ago and profited by changing it to push notifications. To chose the provider was not an easy task, because there are so many of them. After many hours of research, I found two options - catapush and this: https://getfirepush.com/. The second option is the one I use for a few months, and it seems to be efficient so far. The only critical thing is that the dashboard is not pretty. In the beginning, I needed some time to figure it out. On the other hand, the set up was fast, and there is a variety of targeting and segmentation offers, advanced scheduling, not to mention great support πŸ™‚