What's the best dog collar/dog brand?

Looking for a high quality dog 🐶 collar or good dog brands.
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  1. Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Finally a question about dogs :) For stylish (but expensive) collars and accessories, I really like Lucy & Co. They do a great job of marketing on Instagram.
    Jacqueline von TesmarCommunity & Operations @ Product Hunt ⚡️ · Written
    Quality leather. No frills, just classic, clean designs. 🐶
  2. 4
    Findster Duo

    The first GPS Pet tracker that's free of monthly fees! 🐶 🐱 🦁

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    If you're looking for a tracker to add onto the collar, I would recommend the Findster Duo. It uses bluetooth to connect to a small device you keep in your pocket, meaning there's no monthly fees like other trackers. It's been really accurate for me and it's super easy to setup.
  3. 3

    Fitbit for dogs

    One of my friends just started working there. Their products help you keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels.
  4. daniellexoChief Community Officer @ Burb.co · Written
    I've had a leash for 2 years - I imagine it will last me 10 more. There are brass hooks on each end of the leash, so you can use it in many ways. I can jog and wrap it around my waist, i've attached a second dog to the other end and held the leash in the middle.. Love there other products, too.
  5. Santosh SankarCofounder, Director, Dynamo · Written
    Paco Collars are amazing. High quality leather collars and leashes. They are customizable too which can help fit the aesthetics you're going for. I track my dogs thru a chip since collars can be removed.