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Gaurav Agrawal
Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer

What is your favorite google Extension for daily productivity?

I used tons of extensions, and would like to know which one is most productive for you .
3 recommended
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    Gyroscope v3.5

    New Augmented Reality view of your life!

    Nick Abouzeid
    Nick AbouzeidGrowth @ Ramp Β· Written
    The Gyroscope chrome extension gives you a breakdown of how you spend your time online - I was shocked how much time I used to spend on reddit before I downloaded this.
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    Stop yourself from sending wordy, rambling emails

    Nick Abouzeid
    Nick AbouzeidGrowth @ Ramp Β· Written
    I spend way too much time writing emails, and Brief keeps me from rambling on for paragraphs at a time. Super helpful.
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    Checker Plus for Gmail

    Get desktop notifications, read emails, & more

    There is no need to check email every 5 minutes; emails fly out as push notification :)