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What's your favourite tool for task/project management?

Looking for a simple tool my team of 5 can use that captures the most up-to-date status on all our tasks
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Evan Kimbrell
    Evan KimbrellFounder, Sprintkick · Written
    Super simple and free to use as a team. We have a few small teams on Taskade in different workspaces and it works like magic. You can find lot of workflow ideas from
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Aishwarya Hariharan
    Aishwarya HariharanMarketing at Freshworks · Written
    How do I love thee Trello? Let me count the ways. I love thee for your kanban style approach to task management I love thee for your simple UI I love thee for your great content and I love thee for Taco (who can resist such an adorable dog)
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    Trello it's a nice option. I'm using for one year ago and increase my productivity
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    A super simple and lightweight kanban board tool, a lot easier to use than Jira.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Zenkit is a powerful but simple task/project management tool for team collaboration. You can switch views from Kanban, table, to-do list, mind map, calendar with just a click. Although paid version is even more powerful, in your case you can start with free plan since it allows up to 5 members! Give it a try :)
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    Nifty Project Management

    All-in-One Project Management Workspace.

    Shiv Kapoor
    Shiv KapoorFounder & CEO, Nifty · Written
    Nifty is the first modern workflow and project management hub to consolidate all your work in one place. With Nifty, project managers gain the power to streamline requests, plan and prioritize projects, manage processes, digitally review assets, and report on work efforts.
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    Plan 1.0

    Manage & organise your life

    Plan’s been great for my small remote team. We used to do daily stand ups in Slack to figure out who was doing what and if someone was blocked, but now we just use the dashboard feature in Plan and I can see what people are working on. I wish they had a few more integrations (Invision would be great) but best tool i’ve found so far
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    Airtable Interface Designer

    Create custom interfaces to fit your team's specific needs

    Anthony Da Mota
    Anthony Da MotaI upvote things that matter. · Written
    No question asked. Airtable is the best! This is Excel with super powers :)
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    Sortd for Gmail

    Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

    Being that me and my team live in Gmail, we chose Sortd. The best decision we have made in a while.
    Being that me and my team live in Gmail, we chose Sortd. The best decision we have made in a while.
    Uber cool tool to transform Gmail to Trello style lists
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    Yelin Lee
    Yelin LeeGlobal Marketing Manager · Written
    By far, I like collabee the best. What I like the most about it is that it helps you keep track of things. I have used other tools like Slack and although it is an amazing tool to exchange brief messages with your team members it does not have as much visibility on the whole workflow. I recommend using this tool on top of some other communication tools (if you absolutely need one. You can even use Skype for free for a small team) and streamline your process.
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    I’ve seen tons of team collaboration services so far. Among them, collabee has a unique characteristic. All of features are engineered for deep work. I bet, you will instantly understand what I’m saying when trying the collabee service😄
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    Slack App Directory

    Your go-to for finding apps that work with Slack

    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Edited
    If all you need is a tool that keeps up with status by tracking todo items then I would just start a free @Slack ; Add all 5 members to it, and then add the /todo command ( to all the channels. As soon as anyone finishes a todo item everyone in the channel is instantly notified. In addition to this you can attach any type of file directly to the @Slack channel and even maintain the content of text-based files within channels too. Management tools greatly differ based on what types of tasks you need to manage, and what kind of content is required, and how it needs to be shared and consumed across your team, however... ...You have not provided a very clear picture of what you're managing at all, is it code? Is it graphics? Is it a more complex product/service testing/support/update system? Certain tools will likely provide better task management than others, some are much more complex in their offerings, and others are much simpler. Each tool mentioned so far is better suited for managing certain groups based on what they're actually doing, however, @Slack has so many integrations that you can most likely adjust it to perfectly manage what you're doing. Beyond this, it's quite simple (within a week or less) to create a BOT in @Slack that will actually work autonomously making your task of task management itself simpler and more streamlined/automated.
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    Agile task management, kanban, scrum, sprints and timers

    Vasil Enchev
    Vasil EnchevBuilding ORA.PM - Agile PM/Kanban/Timers · Written
    Vasil Enchev made this product
    The totally biased answer here, but Ora is the best if you want to have all that power under the hood yet a simple and easy to use tool!
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    Alexa Vovchenko
    Alexa VovchenkoMarketing, product management, sales · Written
    It helps to choose the right person for the task based on one's skills level and knowledge. Easy and fast, try it out especially if the majority of the team are developers.
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    Cezary Dobrowolski
    Cezary DobrowolskiDreamer counting his blessings. · Written
    Piece of software created specificly to help Project Managers distribute the team forces among the projects. You can easily track people skills and their progress, and the overview board will always let you know what your team is missing.
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    The work management platform for teams

    Great pick!
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    Project management without all the management.

    ChetData Engineer · Written
    Far faster than Asana, more powerful than Trello. Tends to be oriented more towards software projects.
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    Couldn't think of a better app to use to help me manage my daily tasks and workflow. The tool simpy creates tasks for you based on your project, contract terms and deadlines all in the app. It's simple and intuitive to use and really helps your mind de-clutter and stay organized.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    Have a look at IC Project. I think it meets your expectations. It's an easy-to-use system. It combines many management tools. Why IC Project? - You do not have to use many tools at the same time - You do not have to learn how to use it - Your client can log in to the project and be up to date - Mobile app Functionalities: Project management, Tasks, Calendar, Time tracking, Messenger and mail, Wiki, Contractors database, Absence of employees, Invoices, Service requests, Ability for clients to login, Resource management, Kanban cards, Gantt charts (visible task groups). Since when we have ICP, we do not have to use any other tools. Task management takes place on Kanban boards, where you can add files, checklists, and shortcuts. In the system, you can set deadlines and meetings. In the Wiki module, you can put the necessary documents. These are just some of its features. It is a comprehensive program, and at the same time it is still intuitive. The mobile app is available.
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    ProProfs Knowledge Base
    Keeping track of task status is irritating, but with ProProfs Project you can do it all really easily. Right from assigning tasks to relevant teams to tracking time spent on each task to meet deadlines effortlessly - this simple project management software offers it all! ProProfs Project is definitely my favorite tool for task/project management!
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    Confluence 2.0

    An open and shared team workspace

    Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    I used it everyday , its awesome .
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    Project management platform for video producers

    Romain Biard made this product
    If you are managing video project, I think that you may be interested by @Strime. It has a very sleek interface, it's free to use and available in english, french and spanish. You can keep track of all the changes required by your clients on your productions in one single place, and work on them like on a todo list.
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    Pivotal Tracker
    Maxim Ananov
    Maxim AnanovDistraction Dimmer • · Written
    I've been using this one for years. I'm still on some grandfathered free plan, though. In addition to this I recently started using a whiteboard with sticky notes. It's more exciting to use and persistent unlike any app.
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