Is there an app or software that lets you run a website directory?

I'm starting a directory website for businesses. Is there app or software that will allow someone to come to the site, enter their info into a form and then have their business info appear automatically on the website?
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    Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at · Written
    Could use this or Zapier (or a combo of them) + a Google Form or Typeform to add their information to your site.
    • I've been using IFTTT since it came out ages ago, and it's one of the first things I install on any new phone. I use it as the connective tissue for all my smart home products and apps. You can do amazing things with it.

    • Herr Wolf
      Herr WolfShow me the way to go home

      Support is non existent along with technical user information.

  2. Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at · Written
    You could modify something like this or Vulcan.js to fit your needs.
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    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    Don't you want some form of authentication for those posting their business listings? I could just make up any business name and put it on your site no? How do you plan to control the submissions and what is submitted? I could enter business name: Farts'R'Us, location: the Moon, etc. etc. and just troll you and this would not be what you wanted. I suggest setting up a Discourse community, and then doing the following with it: 1) New Businesses (after authenticating with Discourse by email) are guided in UX to start a new discussion topic that requires all their business info be posted to start the topic. 2) Each day a properly configured API could consume each new topic posted and send you a notification allowing you to confirm that it's not spam/foolery. 3) Once you confirm a new topic (business listing) it would automatically update the directory website the following day by pulling all the topic data (the business listing data) using an API to then post it to this separate directory website. This solution would cost you a JavaScript developer, Discourse cost, hosting cost, and I assume domain cost. However, you'd instantly have a real community of businesses where discussion about the businesses could easily happen and you could control the new directory listings as they enter Discourse by topic. Otherwise, I don't know of a platform to achieve a directory website that is sensible and made to last online without following this sort of plan.
    • Vinish Garg
      Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug

      I have used it extensively in Andrew Chen's talk platform: and also for Write The Docs forum at I think it meets most of the goals of a well structured, well monitored, and custom discussion forum. I like it.

    • Daler Karimov
      Daler KarimovQuestion. Learn. Make. http://www.Eve.QA

      Happy using it for my projects:

      Eve.QA - easy and expressive Q&As for events. - a place to share and discover exciting opportunities.

      Apteka.TJ - forum on health, beauty and family well-being.