Taimoor Hussain
Taimoor HussainDigital Marketing Strategist

Are there any iOS apps that can help improve my memory?

I am looking for an interesting app that will help improve my memory in a fun and interesting way.
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    Peak - Brain Training

    18+ games with personalized workouts and daily goals

    Arpy Vanyan
    Arpy VanyanTeam Lead, Vectar · Written
    This one is also an app of fun brain games.
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    I also use this daily. A wide variety of games and all free.
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    Elevate 2.0

    Cognitive training for real-world skills

    Arpy Vanyan
    Arpy VanyanTeam Lead, Vectar · Written
    Used this a while ago. Helps improve many different skills :)
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    I use this all the time. It's free but you can pay for the Pro version. That allows you to play all their games all the time. The free, recommended 'workout' (personalised) is enough for me - about 15-20 minutes a session.
    Mustafa Cengiz
    Mustafa CengizDigital Marketer | E-Commerce · Written
    That's app most powerfull and funny for improving to brain. It improve different skills your brain and generally just 20 minutes enough per a day.
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    Enjoy brain training created by scientists and game designer

    Awesome app to train your brain, all based on actual science.