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Alice TribulevaDesign @ Kraftful

Where do you publish your notes?

If you got any public notes - like study notes, or recipes, or reading notes, where do you publish 'em?
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  1. Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    I have notes I'm preparing to publish on Hermit, my notes are pretty extensive though, they're like mini books, I like Hermit because it's simply a community that publishes written works. If you want more out of it you can get more out of it, it's really up to you. I believe the $5/mo premium version is worth it when you arrive at a note that's capable of being broken down further and explained in sections (a book), or, when enough of your notes about the exact same topic can all be organized and consolidated into one work.
  2. Katerina Galich
    Katerina GalichBusiness Development Director, AstraFit · Written
    Simple and easy.
  3. 1
    Standard Notes

    A simple and private notes app.

    Mo Bitar made this product
    Standard Notes makes use of extensions that allow you to do cool things, like publishing. You can use the Listed extension to publish a note. Here's an example:
  4. Alice Tribuleva
    Alice TribulevaDesign @ Kraftful · Written
    Well, a year forward, I now write in a custom-built app called Vivie (I strated used Hermit for anon publishing too). Vivie is completely web-based so far. I use it a lot on mobile, mainly as a personal wiki (hence the name) and to send short notes to friends and family. Appreciate all feedback!