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What's the best app for editing an image on the phone?

Like Pablo by Buffer.
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    Snapseed 2.0

    Perfect any photo fast

    Mark SmithDesigner + Coder + Investor · Written
    Snapseed is a great photo editing app that can do a lot. Including color correction, filters, and even some minor photoshop/healing effects.
  2. Nikunj TamboliDigital Marketer · Written
    Looking to add amazing typography to your image than this is the one app you can use.
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    VSCO Cam

    The standard in mobile photography

    VSCO is still the gold standard when it comes to editing with filters. There are a ton of great filters to choose from, you also have a standard suite of editing tools, and you can seamlessly export your photos out to use wherever you need to.
  4. Alex BorisenkoI like to find and solve problems · Written
    Pixomatic is a great all-around image editor with lots of easy to use tools and features that make image editing a really fun process even on mobile!
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    Wow your friends with every selfie

    Danielle CadhitCo-Founder, CEO @CostCanvas · Written
    For editing selfies, definitely Facetune. I use this because it has powerful editing even if the photo is not of a face!
  6. Pixelmator essentially puts the power and flexibility of Photoshop on your phone.
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    Make your pictures look as perfect as the moments

    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    One of my favorite tools to use - and possibly the easiest. It's better than FaceTune by a long shot, and the makers of Lucid are pros at this "making your photos look incredible" technology