Cara ParrishInternational Marketing Consultant

Is there an audio snippet tool for sharing podcasts to Twitter that encourages iTunes subscription?

I've found several snippet promotional tools but none seem to get the listeners to a place they can subscribe on iTunes.
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    Clammr Radio

    Listen to snippets of audio content

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Give Clammr a try. It has a feature to create shareable audio snippets of podcasts.
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    A social podcast player

    FutiProduct Hunt YYC · Written
    Finally found one that doesn't have as many glitches but still provides audio snippets. :)
  3. I've been searching for similar solutions and came across this on Reddit. Alternatives (I'm checking this out. It looks pretty cool. Audiogram is much easier and designed for sharing. This one offers more functionality, and I doubt that it is optimized for the socials. Nevertheless worth checking out. I haven't read anything about pricing yet, so could be free for a while)
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