Theyagarajan SProduct Manager,

As a startup, what product(s) do you use for your book-keeping, accounting and tax services for US?

We are a tiny team (2) and I'm looking for easiest way to manage all our book keeping, account and tax compliance. Something that scaled to at-least say 100 people.
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    Beautiful accounting software.

    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    Its Easy , having very simple UI.
  2. Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I'm using the cloud version of QuickBooks for book-keeping. Their UI is not as pretty as Xero, but it is way more functional. They allow you to split up your book into nested sub-accounts, which may come in handy as you grow.
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    I've quite enjoyed I was an early beta user and I'm still paying til this day. It's not as robust as something like Quickbooks but they remind you about taxes and even have hookups to actual CPAs should you need them.