What's the best iOS app for making and sharing gifs?

Can anyone recommend the best app (preferably iPhone) for making and sharing gifs? Looking for something easy to use that allows me to record my screen, then turn into a gif I can edit and share on social media.
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    Giphy Cam

    Create and share your own wacky GIFs

    YannProduct Enthusiast · Written
    Super easy to use 😉
    ThanasisUI/UX @EU_Commission · Written
    Very simple to use, with a lot nice filters and you are able to save and share the gifs you've made!
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    GIF Brewery by Gfycat

    Create stunning GIFs from videos & screen recording for free

    Dan McEleney made this product
    Amazing Mac app to create gifs. Simple to use, tons of options, lots of demos to get started!
    AuroraCOO @Medal.tv/Co-Founder @megacool.co · Written
    I use GIF Brewery to make gameplay GIFs for demos. It's super easy and also allows for further customization if needed.
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    Live stream anything on your phone's screen

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Unfortunately there's no way to record your iPhone screen without jailbreaking (afaik); however, Kamcord pivoted from a mobile gaming social network into a broad screenshot-sharing community. It allows you to share a screenshot (or series of screens) with a video overlay so you can describe what the viewers are looking at.
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    Motion Stills by Google

    Turn live photos into cinematic, beautiful GIFs

    You can use this app to convert live photos from your iPhone to GIFs. As for recording your screen - you can do so if you have a mac via Quicktime :) no jailbreak or anything
  5. Rotem YakirGuggy CEO - Make people laugh · Written
    Obviously I'm biased, but Guggy is basically the fastest and easiest GIF creator in the world. You just need to write a text message and Guggy will produce for you funny and creative GIFs in real-time. Guggy is *not* a GIF search engine, Guggy is a GIF *contextual* creation engine.
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    Simple SDK to record and share gameplay as a GIF

    AuroraCOO @Medal.tv/Co-Founder @megacool.co · Written
    Aurora made this product
    If you'd like to incorporate GIF recording and sharing from a specific app and have it triggered by user events, check-out Megacool (SDK required). It allows for different recording modes (timed recording, frame-by-frame recording, highlight and timelapse). Specifically useful for mobile games and AR apps.