What's the best flight tracker for iOS?

I used to really enjoy FlightTrack ( ), but unfortunately the app has been discontinued. The App store is full with flight trackers, but most of them are not-so-great. What is the best flight tracker for iOS in 2017?
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    Hopper 3.0

    Personalized money-saving tips for your travel preferences

    Mohit Menghnani
    Mohit MenghnaniI like to build things and discuss stuff · Written
    Constant updates for your upcoming trips... just set in the dates and you will get constant updates and reminders on the prices while going up or down.
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    All your travel plans, in one place

    Kartik Sathappan
    Kartik SathappanProduct Manager / Angel Investor · Written
    The pro version of this app is extraordinary. It scrapes your email accounts and automatically adds any reservations. It starts scanning traffic 24hrs before your trip and lets you know when to go to the airport. It notifies you of any changes to your trip immediately. And most importantly, it has the most functional representation of your entire trip including flight time, layover time, gate, terminal, anything you'd need. Full disclosure: My company pays for it so it's a no-brainer, up to you if you think it's worth the price!