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Are there any apps which offer a "Feature Request" voting widget?

I am looking for a tool which will make it easy for me to collect customer feedback, (allow users to vote on upcoming features) for my web app.
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    Bug reporting and In-app feedback for mobile apps

    Kamel Nabil
    Kamel NabilProduct Lead, Instabug · Written
    Kamel Nabil made this product
    Instabug offers that. All your users’ feature requests are submitted from inside your app. Add your ideas to the list and let your users vote for ideas submitted by others or added by you. Here are more details about the product:
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    Hellonext 2.0

    User feedback, feature voting, & roadmap for product mgmt

    NivedithaProduct enthusiast · Written
    hellonext offers all that and more. In fact, you just have to update the status of the feature requests your users have made and it immediately notifies the users who were interested in that feature. hellonext has public roadmap features and a timeline for your past releases as well. The customer support is really active and responsive as well.
    I recommend using hellonext which is gaining more popularity due to its ease of use and affordability compared to others in the market. hellonext has a simple platform design that doesn't intimidate your customers and allows them to provide feedback comfortably.hellonext also has an upvoting feature for customers to upvote others’ requests, allowing you to know what the most popular requests are and prioritize accordingly. hellonext solves the user engagement problem by having comment threads for the request submissions, tags like ‘under review’, ‘planned’, ‘in progress’ and automatically updates users through email. Plans start as cheap as $20/month making it really cost-effective compared to others in the market. hellonext is also releasing an ios and android app. You can try the demo or free trial to see how it works for you !
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    The easiest way to collect & manage feedback

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Canny helps you create boards and you can embed Canny in your website or mobile app to let your users post & upvote on feedback. Its free to use!
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    Feature Upvote
    Steve McLeod
    Steve McLeodFounder, Feature Upvote · Written
    Feature Upvote is the simplest way to collect customer feature requests and identify development priorities. It is easy and you can get started immediately, without having to go through a sales call or a demo.
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    Feedback boards, Roadmap, and Changelog in 1 🔥

    MikeFounder of user feedback tool Upvoty · Written
    Mike made this product
    Upvoty is easy to implement and offers feedback boards with feature voting + you can share your product roadmap! 🔥
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    Build community and get user feedback

    Tomasz Krajewski
    Tomasz KrajewskiCEO at Thomas Kraits · Written
    Tomasz Krajewski made this product
    Joinly is perfect not only to collect and organize product feedback but also to build and grow the startup community around your products.
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    The best user feedback tool for startups

    Tomáš Vestenický
    Tomáš VestenickýDesigner, developer, problem solver. · Written
    Tomáš Vestenický made this product
    A simple, unified package with everything you need: 1. Feedback boards to collect customer feedback and allow people to vote 2. Public roadmap to show your progress 3. A beautiful Changelog for bigger updates and of course 4. A small, fast widget to embed directly into your site
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    R A I Z A
    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    Actually - making a public Trello board is a great way to engage users and listen to their feedback! I've used this a few times before and I love the idea that it feels more collaborative.
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    Feature request tracking

    Sanjeevan made this product
    This provides exactly what you're looking for. It allows your customers to submit and vote for features they'd like to see. Your product team (or you!) can then use votes to prioritise what feature to build next
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    Mobile App Revenue Calculator

    Estimate your app revenue from ads and in-app purchases

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    The one-stop shop for surveys to collect proactive and reactive customer feedback. Might not be the exact solution you were looking for, but offers comprehensive options to solicit and translate user feedback into product decisions.
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    Build product roadmaps, manage ideas, and make users happy.

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Voting for Product Ideas - this one is what I think you're looking for. We use it to poll for 'feature requests' internally but it can be also used to solicit the same kind of feedback from customers. Offers additional features for product roadmaps and more. Hope this helps.
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    The best way to collect, rank, and act on customer feedback

    Jason Amunwa
    Jason AmunwaI help app devs grow users & revenue · Written
    Part of the Uservoice solution is a community features request forum that supports voting from users.
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    Create live, instant, editable polls effortlessly

    Steve Dimmick
    Steve DimmickCo-Founder, doopoll · Written
    Steve Dimmick made this product
    Hey Pratik, Obviously lots of options already, but I would wager doopoll would be the leat intrusive and cleanest option to use. Give us a try for free first if you like (up to 50 responses).
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    Simplify user research. Design products people love.

    Qualaroo provides all the features you need, and It takes only a few minutes to create the voting popup survey using the Nudges™. Plus, if the feature is browser-specific, you can choose to exclude the survey to appear on other browsers from settings. You can also add text questions and branching options to get deeper user insights. You can also create link surveys to send to your customers via email. The best part is the reports section, which segments the voters into percentages. And its AI-based analysis tool tracks mood metrics for text-based questions to show how people feel about the proposed features such as happy, sad, neutral, etc. They offer a 15-day trial period so that you can test it out.