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What's the best email client for Windows & Android?

There are great email clients for Mac including Polymail etc. but I can't find anything close to it on Windows.
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    HubSpot CRM

    Organize, track, and sell

    I'm sure this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but a lot of the features in Polymail are also in the free Hubspot CRM. If you're managing your email in Gmail or Outlook, and combine it with the Hubspot CRM you would. Things like: Contact Profiles Unlimited Read Tracking Per-Recipient Tracking Message Templates (5 templates in their free tier) Activity Feed Send Later Attachment & Click Tracking (when you use attach a file that's uploaded to hotspot) Auto BCC
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    Nylas Mail 2.0

    The next version of the best open-source email app

    Nylas may be what you are looking for, very robust and well designed. Postbox is also a great option: https://www.producthunt.com/post... I used both on a Mac but would always recommend them to my Windows using friends.
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    Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac
    Bruce Kraft Jr.Saas viral growth, Brand Creator, CMO · Written
    The mobile apps, coupled with the recent redesign of Outlook, makes this one hard to beat. **The Windows version is slightly better than the Mac version in terms of functionality, AND the Android version is just as good as the IOS version.**
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