Adam LeidheckerBrand Strategist @ Coplex

What is your favorite service or app to create gifs?

I'm looking for not only the quickest way to create gifs but also the best-designed & fun user experience. What do you think is the best?
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    Giphy Capture

    Turn anything on your screen into a GIF!

    Ben Lang26Serial hunter 🧞‍♂️ · Written
    I primarily use Giphy, they have a bunch of very solid tools for creating gifs.
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Rakuten · Written
    Giphy Capture is a simple tool that let's you turn anything on your screen into a GIF
    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    LOVE Giphy Capture. I use it almost daily, often turning YouTube videos into short, shareable, Twitter-friendly GIFs. Unlike other GIF creators, you can edit the length (trim the beginning or end), size, and frame rate for each GIF within the app.
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    GIF Brewery 3.0

    Video to GIF creator

    Björn Antonissen4🇳🇱 Founder YTCount | Freelance Front End · Written
    I use GIF Brewery for creating gifs from video files.
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    Momento for iOS

    Automatically turn your related photos into GIFs

    Genady OkrainFounder at @MomentoGIFs · Written
    Genady Okrain made this product
    I'm a little bit biased here 😀 but it's really the easiest tool to create cool gifs because it's automatic!
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    Record animated GIF screencasts

    Super simple and easy to use! Saved GIFs don't weigh too much.