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What is the best lightweight CSS toolkit to start a project with?

Something not as bloated as Bootstrap or Foundation
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    This let's you build your own components using functional CSS rather than just using an off the shelf component. It also has a library of components that you can grab.
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    Google Material Design

    Google's new visual look

    A lot of great components and already familiar to a lot of users! However, maybe this is not "lightweight" enough for you... Check it out!
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    Skeleton 2.0

    A dead simple, responsive CSS boilerplate.

    Skeleton is a lightweight CSS package that has around 400 lines total and built with mobile in mind.
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    Material Design Lite
    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    Material Design Lite may work for your needs. @addyosmani did a great job stripping the library down to the bare minimum.
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    Angelos Chalaris made this product
    A lot lighter than Bootstrap, yet has a lot of the features you'd expect to find and use in Bootstrap (Grids, Cards, Navigation etc.). Responsive, mobile-optimized and easily customizable, as well as very well-documented, I'd suggest you give it a try!