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Google Fonts

Brand new redesign to Google Fonts ✨

Google Fonts has a lot of great fonts and showcases them in a beautiful layout!
Mike Coutermarsh48Code @ Product Hunt · Written
+1 on Google Fonts. Always my go to when picking a font for web. Although lately, using plain "system fonts" is more "in", since it improves load speed.
+1 for Google Fonts. Dead simple to use. Select your fonts, grab your embed code and place it in your html and you're good to go.

Sync desktop fonts to your computer

Kesava Mandiga3Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
Skyfonts is a great tool to manage and update the fonts that I use on PC. It supports Google Fonts and more.
RightFont for Mac

Helping designers find the right font quickly

Justin MitchellDesigning Products at Sofriendly.com · Written
RightFont is amazing. Automatically activates fonts when you open a Photoshop or Sketch file and supports shared and synced font libraries. FYI there's a 15% discount on RightFont here: https://www.getsyrup.com/deal/ri...
Boonsuen Oh15 y/o web developer. · Written
Complete with all the useful features I need.
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Fontbase is a free font manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It's simple and fast to use with the ability to activate fonts with a single click, organize them into collections, and they'll be adding Google Fonts discoverability in the future.