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What's​ your favorite analytics tool?

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  1. Mohit Badaya
    Mohit BadayaDigital Marketer | Pro Blogger Β· Written
  2. Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav Agrawal18Coder, Thinker, Curious observer Β· Written
    Old School :)
    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. Β· Written
    Analytics starts with Excel... πŸ™Œ
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    Visually analyze actual user behavior inside your mobile app

    Arpy Vanyan
    Arpy VanyanLead Developer, Inapptics Β· Written
    Arpy Vanyan made this product
    Don't know what analytics are you interested in, but can suggest one for mobile analytics. It helps you to see what app users do in your app in simple visual way.
  4. 1

    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav Agrawal18Coder, Thinker, Curious observer Β· Written
    It give awesome insights about user by replaying his session on website
    • Ryan Hoover
      Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt

      When you're building a new products, user feedback is critical. You can gather feedback in a variety of ways, through in-person customer development interviews, surveys, and by simply looking at the data. I'm particularly fond of doing user testing (UserTesting is an awesome tool for this) although its only a "simulation" of what your users are actually doing.

      FullStory captures a screen recording of your site visitor's actions and behavior within (cue Steve Irwin impression) their natural environment. We've used it many times at Product Hunt to better understand how people are using new or beta features we're building. It's πŸ‘πŸΌ.

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    • George Nurijanian
      George NurijanianPM, Online Republic

      They do one thing instead of many, and they do it well, but the pricing model didn't work all that well for us. Besides, it's still one step behind Amplitude and the likes in terms of seeing the customer journey. I would still recommend them for the search function.

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  5. Duarte Martins
    Duarte MartinsFounder, Β· Written
    Analytics for what exactly? Data Studio is quite good, a bit like but free.
  6. Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at Β· Written
    Mixpanel, in my opinion, is miles easier to use than Google Analytics and provides much more actionable insights. I'm a huge fan of their UI and the setup is a breeze. Highly recommend
  7. Orhan Bayram
    Orhan BayramCPO @MenaPay Β· Written
    360Β° Web and Mobile Analytics - Get full potential of your web page by identifying your customers, track revenues and understand how users interact with your pages, real-time.