What are some good replacements for the whiteboard?

I am looking for a whiteboard on my computer.
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Roger LuProduct Manager at TripAdvisor · Written
    We use Taskade as a visual workspace for task lists, flow charts, and mind mapping. The app in general is very minimalist and visual.
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    RealtimeBoard 3.0

    Enhanced whiteboard. Your guide to the future of teamwork

    Mike DarkowskiHabits beat tools. · Written
    Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard). Lots of options, easy to use, has mobile apps (no way to work offline though).
    Arie EvansMarketing4Life · Written
    Literally one of my new faves. I can use it for visualizing literally all of my projects for my studies! Boosts my productivity and data is super easy to share with others!
    This is great!
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    A real-time whiteboard for your team. No signups required.

    I found this one really interesting. Don't know if this solves your purpose
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    Metro Retro

    For productive, engaging and fun retrospectives

    This is a great free tool that lets you easily mind map things the way you would using a board and post it. There are also some great features in there that make the process of letting creativity flow much easier. Plus, it lets you collaborate with your team!
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    The notes app for creative work

    Really well done app, which definitely could replace a whiteboard.
    Carlos RuizUI/UX Designer · Written
    Signed up for a free account. Really like using it thus far but I'm finding it a real drawback that there's currently no zoom feature. It's soon to be added, per their FAQ's, but it makes browsing a larger board a little difficult. Hopefully they'll add that feature soon!
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    Microsoft Whiteboard

    The canvas where ideas, content, & people come together.

    Peter van TeeselingGlobal #printhacking community connector · Written
    If Office365 is your platform, this will integrate nicely.
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    Online brainstorming on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.

    Reg CheramyFounder, Stormboard · Written
    Reg Cheramy made this product
    Easily connect your remote teams and quickly capture all your teams ideas and turn them into action and outcomes.
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    Freehand 2.0, from InVision

    A whole new way to collaborate creatively from InVision

    I've heard great things about Freehand. Definitely less of a drop post its on the board type of tool, but its great for collaborative sketching and drawing out ideas.
  9. Their real-time collaboration solution is by far the best I've seen, specially for product development and designing processes.
    We use MIRO for our sprint planning for our remote team - it's fantastic
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    Whiteboard cover for your laptop

    Charles HanMaker of Sketchcase and Ketchup.today · Written
    Charles Han made this product
    Quite literally, it's "a whiteboard on my computer."
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    Online whiteboard for visual collaboration

    DipakFounder - dipakvadera.com/about-me · Written
    Learned about Mural at a Meetup in London It's great for distributed teams
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    The visual workspace for teams.

    QuentinProduct & Growth @ Dolead · Written
    The easier to use. As a PM I use it everytime for presentations, wireframes and to replace whiteboards 😉
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    Collect and share media visually

    Christopher ChaeCo-founder at Pixelic.io · Written
    Beecanvas is probably the better whiteboard SaaS product out there. Subtle differences but BeeCanvas provides a finite display of each "whiteboard". This allows users to know where they put their content, whereas other whiteboard SaaS providers have practically infinite space for each "whiteboard", so when you return you'd have to do a few zoom-ins & outs before finding where you left off.
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    A web whiteboard app for real time collaboration.

    Marko MiletićSoftware Developer · Written
    Marko Miletić made this product
    Here's a web whiteboard app i recently made. Most features are free to use so you can try it out :)
  15. Rich PetersonSystem & Process Consultant 🚀 · Written
    Beautiful software!
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    Tinder for Professional Networking

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