An office or workspace is not complete without ______________. (fill in the blank)

What are the things that you like to have in an office, workspace, or desk that makes your day better? Suggestions could range from anything like services, electronics/gadgets, software, snacks and beverages, etc.
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    Autonomous Sit-to-Stand Desk

    $299 Electric height adjustable standing desk w/ memory pad

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    An Autonomous electric standing desk is key. I find that I sit too often (on the computer, driving, eating) and it's not healthy to do so. If you can switch some of those working hours to standing meetings, working, or white-boarding, your body will thank you!
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    • Denny Hollick
      Denny HollickTech enthusiast. Marketer. Developer.

      I bought one of their DIY desk sets and when I was setting it up learned the specs on their website weren't even close to what they shipped me. I contacted them and they initially said to just return it if I wasn't happy (which isn't the easiest with a 100 lbs assembled desk frame), but eventually promised they would ship me the right product... After a few followup emails from me, the suddenly just stopped responding, I'm still with the wrong desk, and their website still has the wrong specs. I question if they'd honour their warranty.

    • Robert van Hoesel
      Robert van HoeselCo-founder Crowded

      Don't be fooled by this company – although their product and marketing strategy is made to attract us product loving tech community – their service is terrible, slow and plain bed.

      We bought 6 desks, but upon arrival the desks turned out to be much smaller (aka unusable if you want a display on it) than what was listed on their website. They don't mention this anyway, except when you choose to order a customized desk.

      After complaining they offered a very small return compensation and it turned out they don't have any other sizes in stock to exchange with.

      After a long and slow thread we finally got green light to return the order. We returned the desks over 2 months ago, but the refund is still not made. We've asked for updates and info, usually after 10-20 days we got a reply which basically state that they would get back to us with more info, which never came.

      In the meantime we've order desks locally, and it turns out the overall quality of the desks is also very much below industry standards.

      Update: They now correctly display the proper sizes delivered to EU. Seems they besides keeping your money, the also keep your feedback and implement it.

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    Fidget Cube

    An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    Thought it was stupid at first, but it really helps me concentrate.
    • Paul Williams
      Paul Williamscreative problem solver

      Don't buy the knock-off products - get the original from Antsy Labs. While the knock-offs may be good quality, it isn't fair to reward them for stealing the design and getting to market sooner than Antsy Labs did.

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    A super affordable, portable standing desk

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    Cheap, quick setup, and easy to store. More importantly (at least for me), it's way easier to work for longer periods of time while standing up and being able to move around.
  4. Nick Abouzeid
    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital · Written
  5. Nick Abouzeid
    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital · Written
    Picked this up a year ago & can't work without it at this point. Having two screens is essential, especially when you're bouncing between different accounts or windows quickly 💯
  6. Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Can't go without Strongarm Blaster.
  7. Lucas Bazemore
    Lucas BazemoreCo-Founder, Ryze · Written
    Everywhere. Never lose another thought again. It's like Evernote for real life.
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    Soylent 2.0

    Use less. Do more.

    Nick Abouzeid
    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital · Written
    I drink Soylent for breakfast every morning - super quick, fills you up, and it's actually healthy for you too. I can't say I'd recommend a 100% Soylent diet, but it's perfect as a quick pick-me-up in the morning. If you also like ☕️ in the morning, try out Coffiest - it's Soylent with a shot of espresso inside.
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  9. Marcus Vlahovic
    Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Written
    It's the equivalent of coffee for me, tastes amazing, has loads of magnesium, and really gets you working
  10. Lewis
    LewisProduct Maker, Drone Enthusiast, Cyclist · Written
    The ultimate work hard play hard tool.
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    Books At Work

    Book summaries for the whole company via email

    Zaheer Baloch
    Zaheer BalochMaker of · Written
    Zaheer Baloch made this product
    Website I made so that company founders and executive can help their employees grow by reading books.
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    Officelovin 2.0

    Inside the best tech and startup offices

    Michal Ptacek
    Michal Ptacekfounder of Officelovin · Written
    Michal Ptacek made this product
    A website I made showcasing the best offices from around the world. I think that all cool offices should be there :)