Ayush ChandraResearch Intern & Tech Evangelist

What are some good ad tools for social media?

Hey there I'm looking for some creative advertisement tools for social media which can increase the visibility of a brand? Thanks
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    AdEspresso's Ads Compass

    Facebook Ads Analysis / Grader (Free Tool)

    Cara ParrishInternational Marketing Consultant · Written
    This is a solid tool, but the real help is in AdEspresso's massive library of Facebook and Twitter ads.
  2. 1

    Amazingly simple graphic design

    R A I Z A🍝 I just want to see the spaghetti emoji · Written
    This has helped me design and mobilize social campaigns the fastest - whether it's using existing assets or creating on-the-fly new ones, it's been a real gem. The free version is very rich on its own, but the paid version does take it to an entirely new level!
  3. TekkShare made this product
    For Tech, this site is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can post your Tech ads for free, and share them on Facebook or Twitter, and new users can easily log in with Facebook. This sharing economy is geared toward tech experts and tech users or enthusiasts. You can post your tech ad for free for services or tech products. Tech products can be bought, sold, rented, swapped or given away, so it has the excitement of a sharing economy with the experts to support it. Or, get advice from these techs by messaging them!