Do you know any team collaboration & helpdesk software?

I'm looking for a system that does this native, not though 3rd party plugins/apps
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    The Freshdesk Mint Experience

    The biggest product and visual update to Freshdesk

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    A fast-growing product that delivers a comprehensive solution for HelpDesks - ticketing, tracking and more.
    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Freshdesk now adds Freshconnect which allows you to add external collaborators while working on a support ticket as well!
    Lương Xuân Tài
    Lương Xuân TàiMarketing in Đồ Gỗ Đẹp Info · Written
    I think you should use Freshdesk. Freshdesk is very suitable for your needs
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    The Best Platform for Client Work

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Teamwork creates great tools for project management, HelpDesk support and team collaboration that work together. Check out their Desk + Chat offering.
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    Not a helpdesk software, but a great collaboration tool! Provides quite a lot of features for free and works cross-platform. A short list - There's direct messaging, channels, video conf, to-dos, reminders, code snippets, integrations and a lot more....
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    ProProfs Knowledge Base
    Yes, in my opinion, ProProfs Help Desk is the best team collaboration software. Powered by collaborative email, this ticketing system enables agents to see who is working on what; leading to faster ticket resolution.
    Denny Dicosta
    Denny DicostaCustomer experience thought leader. · Written
    My best bet is on ProProfs Help Desk. This help desk software offers a shared inbox feature that enables teams to collaborate on tickets anytime, anywhere. You can prioritize, organize, assign, and close tickets alongside different support departments easily with the shared inbox feature of ProProfs Help Desk.
    Vineet Gupta
    Vineet GuptaInternet Marketing Strategist · Written
    used proprofs helpdesk system quite easy to use & integrates well with 3rd party tools.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    It's like Google Docs meets Trello. You can create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki with a mind map. Very fast and lightweight.
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    Agile CRM
    Rethika Rao
    Rethika RaoDigital Marketing Evangelist · Written
    Hello, Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM software, which collaborates your sales, marketing, and service automation on a single platform. It is a cloud-based, saas product, which can be leveraged to communicate with your team members and assign them tasks according to their domain expertise. Agile CRM's service automation includes helpdesk automation features, which enable you to assign, segregate and monitor the status of tickets sent by customers. When a new contact sends in a ticket, their contact information gets automatically saved in the contacts window. You can also label your tickets which helps you segregate them for easy monitoring. Apart from help desk ticketing, various other useful features are widespread across this software: - email marketing - Lead scoring - web engagement - social suite - live chat - Contact management and many more Agile CRM is a very affordable software, tailored to the needs of the small and medium-size business. It is also available for free(up to 10 users).
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    Nifty Project Management

    All-in-One Project Management Workspace.

    Shiv Kapoor
    Shiv KapoorFounder & CEO, Nifty · Written
    Much more than just Project Management. Nifty combines project management, team communication, and workflow collaboration in an easy, fun, and efficient way.
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    Confluence 2.0

    An open and shared team workspace

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    We used Jira for internal issue tracking (within a HelpDesk) and it comes with support for Hipchat - a team collaboration software by the same company.
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    If Trello and Slack had a baby - new team collaboration app

    Ola Rybacka
    Ola RybackaContent freak, full-time otaku · Written
    Entirely free app with Kanban boards and advanced chat feature. What more do we want?
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    Agile CRM
    Aysha Ayub
    Aysha AyubDigital Marketing Analyst · Written
    Hey, Catalin Pop I use Agile CRM as my help desk software and I must say I am very glad about the outcome. Let me brief you about its basic functionality. Every time a query or question is asked a ticket is raised and shown in the helpdesk. These tickets can be assigned to the concerned rep according to the issue of the ticket for the follow-up. The automated process immensely reduces the manual work. The only manual work involves creating a group for the reps, and naming the tags, labels. The sorting of tickets in opened, pending, closed format increases the efficiency thereby saving time. In addition, you can always make use of the labels and tags. The activities tab gives a detailed view of all the actions done on the tickets. Concerned about the workflow of the reps? Just go the respective user's timeline and monitor the activities. Agile CRM has got it all covered. Inculcate the live chat option to stay connected with the customers. The smart division of reports into Tickets, Live Chat, Knowledgebase, Automation, Activities gives a complete report abouit every aspect in the helpdesk. I will leave a link here. Do have a look at it :)
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    Secure instant messaging system for any network

    Alexey Pikurov
    Alexey PikurovCommunication and security · Written
    Secure communication tool — MyChat enterprise messenger. This program has own server; all data is encrypted. MyChat can work in LAN and over the slow Internet connection. - instant messaging - voice and video calls - remote control - screen sharing - task management (Kanban) - built-in forum Free Edition up to 20 user connections. Available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android.
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    Sahil Parikh
    Sahil ParikhFounder, · Written
    Sahil Parikh made this product
    Easy to use team and project collaboration. Besides the usual task/message/project features, Brightpod also includes a calendar, insights/reports, Me Page, Focus page and time estimates for tasks. We built this :)
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    李玲芝Interaction Designer · Written
    So good! Definitely worth try
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    Outcollaborate. Where work gets done!

    Fred Cutler
    Fred CutlerProf@UBC/Founder WeVu. · Written
    Wrike is fantastic. Used it for a team of 25, many, many projects from concept to support, hundreds of clients and stakeholders. It works.
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    Improve collaboration & teamwork in one central hub

    Sameera Sy
    Sameera SyTech Enthusiast · Written
    I've been using this for over an year. Great tool to avoid spreadsheets and takes care of the tiny things!
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    ProProfs Help Desk 2.0

    Help Desk Software for Creating Better Support Experiences

    Jared Cornell
    Jared CornellCustomer Support Expert! ProProfs · Written
    I would strongly suggest ProProfs Help Desk for Customer Support and ProProfs Project for Team collaboration and management. It is also great for Remote team management. ProProfs Help Desk offers a more simplified UI, Smoother functionality which makes your customer support Agents life a lot easier, Zero Agent Collision with detection system, much-awaited Social Integration, Duplicate Ticket Merging and more.
    Pranoy M Pauly
    Pranoy M PaulySaaS Product Marketer :) · Written
    I would recommend using ProProfs Help Desk. This help desk software offers a shared inbox for team, Zero agent collision with Agent Collision Detection, Advanced Smart Reporting, Ticket Merging for avoiding duplication or repeat tickets. The internal Knowledge base helped our team of agents to reduce customer tickets significantly, Social Channel Integration works great, This tool also offered ample of Integrations. Got it integrated with Salesforce hassle free. They also have a Training maker to train customers & agents online. The overall package make its a very good customer support suite.
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    HyperOfficeMarketing Manager · Written
    uShare has two components, a teams component, and a client services component, all in the same product. The Teams component allows you to communicate and collaborate amongst teams with video, audio, chat and information sharing, while the Client Services component allows you to interact with clients.
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    Simple support system, without all the crap you don't need

    Tim Burford
    Tim BurfordCreative Director @ FreshySites · Written
    Great system! We've been using this for 4+ years now.
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    A human + bot hybrid customer support platform

    Parth Shrivastava
    Parth ShrivastavaAll Things B2B Marketing · Written
    Kommunicate has recently released Mailbox - a feature that brings Team Inbox and Helpdesk Ticketing together. You get the best of both live chat and helpdesk.
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    Loop Email 2.0 💌 🚀

    Your team's new inbox 👨🏻‍💻👩🏽‍💻

    Ana Topoljski
    Ana TopoljskiSocial Media Manager · Written
    Helpful for seamless communication in real-time.😎