Noemi Stauffer
Noemi StaufferFounder of Fresh Fonts & Flow Supply ✌️

What's the best product to avoid slouching at your desk?

I'm looking for one of these wearables (or other solution) to get into the habit of good posture at work.
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    Jot down a task and set up a reminder really, really fast

    I would recommend using a reminder app like Due with with multiple notices set to remind you to sit up straight, take standing breaks, drink water, and look away from a screen periodically (20/20/20 rule).
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    A super affordable, portable standing desk

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Definitely one of my best purchases. Super cheap for a standing desk, quick/easy to set up, folds away when you don't need.
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    Perfect posture effortlessly. Ease back pain while you work.

    I really need to get one of these... I hate how chairs are always designed for "better posture" but I end up slouching uncomfortably in them anyways :( I wish there was a chair designed for inevitable slouching and working at a desk
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    Upright Go
    Stefan Aichholzer
    Stefan AichholzerSoftware adventurer & epilogue writer. · Written
    This one seems like a great way to keep your posture corrected at all times. I have pre-ordered one as well. 👍🏻
    Taimoor Hussain
    Taimoor HussainDigital Marketing Strategist · Written
    This will really help you fix your posture until you dont need it anymore and you will be sitting the right way on your own
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    Control your Mac with custom, two-finger gestures

    It may not be the "best," but based on its cost performance and ease of use it could be. Plus you get to hear a cat meow whenever you mess up, although could that may be positive reinforcement of a negative behavior? Anyways, simply install the app and it will tell you when you start slouching by using your computer's camera. Fun fact: Nekoze means "cat back" in Japanese, and cats have horrible posture… in Japan 😉
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    Lumo Lift

    You slouch, it vibrates. Sit straighter, stand taller.

    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    I wear Lumo Lift which gives gentle reminders to straighten back up. After a week I could see the difference because it really helps to build the habit. The only huge drawback for me is a short battery life :( So you have to charge it every other day.