Daniel ReillyFreelance Developer and Entrepreneur

Does anyone know of a platform for creative people building ideas?

I would like to find a platform where creative people come together to build ideas in teams, big or small. Does anyone know of any?
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    Foundler 2.0

    Online hackathon weekends. Attend every other week.

    Bob SpechtCities + Products. DC 🇺🇸 – KC ⛲️. · Written
    Foundler runs some pretty cool online hackathons. Haven't tried, but I'd think you might find some good people.
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    Slack List

    A handpicked selection of the top Slack groups

    JasonKristoforMedia director / PM / builder of things · Written
    Slack has a ton of groups that are geared towards the goal of bringing together founders and creatives. Slack is just, awesome. (This group it seems has over 5,000 founders - https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
  3. Baruch YochaiHelp ponies to be next unicorns!🤘 · Written
    Various people come together and create the products and even make some revenues.