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What are some good coffee alternatives without caffeine?

Wanna save money & I don't like coffee.
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  1. Willie Morris
    Willie Morris3Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    Water - no caffeine and keeps you hydrated :)
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  2. Daren Smith
    Daren SmithProducer, Telekinesis Entertainment · Written
    Try Crio Bru - it's ground cocoa beans from different parts of the world. Brew it like coffee (I like using a french press), add creamer, et voila!
  3. Jeniece Primus
    Jeniece PrimusCo-founded (acquired 2017.) · Written
    Many opt for barley-based drinks over coffee. Haven't tried it myself, you'll only pry my coffee out of my cold, dead hands ☕️