The best accounting software for small startups? πŸ“Šβš‘οΈ

I'm looking for a tool to manage: accounting, payroll, invoicing, receipts, P&L projections
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    Beautiful accounting software.

    Andres GutierrezCo-Founder & CEO at Β· Written
    We use Xero. It's very easy to understand and offers good pricing.
    Lawrence NingCo-founder, PhD student Β· Written
    I encourage final year accounting students to learn about Xero.
    Account ConsultantXero Certified Bookkeeper Β· Written
    Xero is one the best accounting software so far, its save your lots of time as well very easy to manage.
    • Mira Dobesco-founder of vidello

      We use Xero to control our income, expanses, VAT predictions. Great tool. It takes a while find out how to control all over Xero but in the end it is huge time server and we know pretty sure how the business stands.

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    Free financial software for your small business

    Rupak AntoProduct Management, retailcloud Β· Written
    This is a great accounting software for small business 1) Totally Free, 2 comes with invoicing and receipt management. 3) Pay as you go options for payroll and payment services.
    Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc. Β· Written
    I highly recommend wave too. It has a suite of tools built in for any small start-up or even large businesses.
  3. Kunal Bhatia50Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    Quickbooks is great. I like it over Xero for a few reasons. (1) you can create sub-accounts within your books to separate different parts of your business. (2) their design is a little better IMO. (3) they also offer a cloud-based version, so make sure you pick that if it's important to you. If you go with the desktop version, the cloud version can't talk directly to it.
    Daren SmithProducer, Telekinesis Entertainment Β· Written
    Quickbooks online. Does everything you need it to do, and easier at tax time since most accountants/cpas use quickbooks
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    The New Freshbooks

    Ridiculously easy to use invoicing and accounting

    Stefan Theofilos8Product Designer, Entrepreneur Β· Written
    I hear Freshbooks is really easy to use and has everything you need
    • Matt Pliszkadiscovering SaaS apps at

      No matter if you're a self-employed person looking for an accounting solution or a small/medium enterprise co-operating with you accountant, FreshBooks makes accounting much easier to handle.

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    QuickBooks Self-Employed

    Track your self-employed income, mileage and tax owed.

    Gaurav Internet marketing Β· Written
    Quickbooks is another software that is very helpful for in managing accounts. Very user friendly and focused on managing small businesses.
    • Matt Pliszkadiscovering SaaS apps at

      great app for self-employed with quite extensive functionalities, useful for SMEs as well

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  6. Justin Mitchell9Launching a VR design tool at Β· Written
    Works with your existing systems so you're not boxed into using one thing. There's a 50% coupon at FYI
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    Freelancers, take control of your finances

    Jeremy TurnerCo-Founder @ AgGrad Β· Written
    It has helped me keep things in order and not complicated to learn how to use it.
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    Contracts, invoices, and expenses for digital freelancers

    As a partner in a small creative studio, Bonsai covers all of our business needs including managing proposals, contracts, time-tracking, payments, and expense reporting.
  9. RamonStartup Enthusiast Β· Edited
    Simple, robust all-in-One accounting software for growing business