UserExpert for Intercom

Schedule user interviews without the hassle

Krishna R
Krishna RTinkerer, dad and eternal optimist. · Written
Krishna R made this product
This product built makes it easy for you to get valuable insights from your users by greatly simplifying the task of coordinating and scheduling user interviews. There's basically two ways you can recruit and schedule your users for user interviews: 1) Via the Intercom messenger: Demo video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXks8pkwlmA. This is useful if your product and your users are on Intercom already. Simply use Intercom filters to target the users you want to interview, add the UserExpert app to the message, link your work calendar and off you go. Targeted users can schedule a time slot within the Intercom messenger itself. This means they don't leave your product maximizing the chance you'll be successful at recruiting participants. Invites and reminders are automatically greatly reducing the likelihood of no-shows. 2) Via email - Here, you simply need to import a CSV of first and last names along with emails. After customizing the email subject and body, UserExpert will automatically email users on your behalf. Each user will get a custom scheduling link via which they can pick a time on your calendar. You get some cool email performance stats, such as delivery rates, click through rates, etc that helps you keep a pulse on how your recruitment efforts are progressing. As above, invites and reminders are automatically sent reducing the likelihood of no-shows. You can signup for free trials here: www.user.expert.