What is the best app/service to discover new music?

Where are the music discovery apps? It seems there's no innovation on this subject... What service has helped you most?
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    Spotify Discover Weekly

    A personalized Spotify playlist every Monday

    janniksSoftware Engineer, Innsbruck · Written
    Spotify already has great features included! 'Discover Weekly' is one of them, but also 'Playlist/Song Radio' 🎶
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    Ouriel OhayonZenGo.com / CEO · Written
    by far the best. hands down. nothing comes even close to the quality of the recommendations and the simplicity of the experience
    Spotify Discover in general is amazing. I have found so many great artists using Spotify's Browse > Discover section.
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    Social layer on top of Spotify and Rdio from Scott Vener

    Sean-Michael DoreLA Based Music Industry Nerd · Written
    Built by the folks who created We Are Hunted (acquired by Twitter and relaunched as #Music in 2013)
    Hayatt BaanksPlaylist curator · Written
    Created by a music genius and used daily by some of the best ears across the globe. Only place I can truly say I find some of the best unheard of artists and their music!
    Now this is what I'm looking for! Great concept!
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    Apple Music

    All the ways you love music. All in one place.

    Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden · Edited
    For ten bucks a month, I am presented with thousands of newly curated playlists in every which form there could ever be. Further, they have real radio stations with DJs that actually care about good music, and not just putting out the top 16 hit songs of the month. I don't possibly know how my music discovery system could get any better than Apple Music.
    Similar like Spotify Discover Weekly, there is a playlist called "My New Music Playlist". Updated Weekly. And there are a lot of new playlists daily on your "For you" Tab. I love it.
  4. о.Creative at DMNSNS · Written
    Still rocks! It has web-version, unofficial Mac client called Plug and apps for iOS and Android.
    Dominik SerafinTrying to get out of the bubble. · Written
    Hype Machine is just simply the best for discovery of less known tracks & remixes. Nothing compares to it!
    mark!Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Red Bull · Written
    One of my favorite apps that I use daily!
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    Noon Pacific

    Weekly playlist of the best songs handpicked

    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    I've been using Noon Pacific for a few weeks now and it's a simple, curated list of good new songs. Easy to use and no hassles with subscriptions.
    Nick Di StefanoSenior Product Designer · Written
    They also have a daily subscription offering that gets you a text with link to new song ($1.99/mo)
  6. Noah Huber-FeelyBusiness Owner, Noah's Arc Development · Written
    I have found great success with the "I'm Feeling Lucky" radio feature which has worked very well for discovery every time I've used it. They also have given me great recommendations for new releases, and I've usually found at least one gem each day from both features. I've been using this service for over a year, and have found it to fulfill all my discovery needs.
  7. Jordan FinniganDeveloper @ Dealer Inspire · Written
    It's hard to believe this hasn't been mentioned yet... With all of the data they have from years and years of scrobbling (i.e. "listening" -- 1 song play = 1 "scrobble"), Last.fm is my #1 place for finding new music to listen to. It recommends based on your listening habits, or by the habits of others who like that same artist/album/song. Give it a go!
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    djay Pro (for Mac)

    More music. More decks. (w/ Spotify integration)

    Max Royalesearching for signs of intelligent life · Written
    Theres a GREAT recommendation engine built in. I dj so it helps me find new music fast.
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    Cymbal Explore

    Discover and share your favorite song of the moment

    Stefan Theofilos10Product Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    Cymbal is like Instagram for Music. I love it!
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    Music Playlists Curated by DJ's Across the World

    Duarte MartinsFounder @ noo.coffee · Written
    Curated music. I never got any of the other popular services to make good recommendations, so I just follow selectors instead.
    Just re-launched their new iOS app... great source!
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    Sylo for iMessage

    Share all your favorite music directly through iMessage

    Sylo consolidates the music platforms you are probably already using. SoundCloud, Spotify, Itunes, etc...
  12. Jeremie ParetStig CEO & Co-founder · Written
    Great to discover new genres
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    Next Track

    "Tinder for music" - find your new favorite song

    Alex LedakWeb & mobile dev · Written
    Alex Ledak made this product
    The app is minimalistic, but can make great recommendations based on your musical tastes.
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    Soundcloud Wall

    Discover new music faster

    Gaurav Agrawal19Coder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    Its awesome
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    Lossless music streaming service, backed by Jay Z

    I use Tidal to discover new music and rediscover older albums. Sound quality is great and it comes with an offline mode. Love it.
  16. Agnieszka5LiveChat | social media | Sofar Sounds · Written
    Sofar Sounds is a global initiative organizing secret gigs all around the world. They also create monthly updated playlists with music from around the world. For me this is the best place to discover new sounds.
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    ReverbNation Discover

    Stream hand-picked, ad free music from emerging artists.

    This app pulls from the best of ReverbNation's millions of artists. It's meticulously curated by a group of music experts and influencers, and it results in some really solid music in there that won't be in any other app.
  18. AbhijithCo-Founder, Tenory · Written
    Select a few artists you love and it'll recommend you 10 songs daily!
  19. Robert SampsonDesigner, for lack of a better word · Written
    It's free and the shows are great