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What's the best platform to find ideas for building things that people actually want/need?

I've seen several Tweets where folks ask for a product/service that doesn't exist yet. Is there any platform listing "Requests for Startups" that have been validated by a real audience?
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    Request for Startup

    Share and discover great startup ideas people actually want

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Here's a project that scrapes Twitter for startup ideas; however, I'm not sure this is the best place to look for inspiration. Instead I might try to solve problems you experience in your life or try to identify a pattern of inefficiencies that you might be able to improve upon (e.g. Taxi --> Uber).
  2. Mohit Mamoria
    Mohit MamoriaMaker and Storyteller · Written
    Mohit Mamoria made this product
    I've seen several smart people working on incremental ideas for years. This newsletter curates the crazy ideas from the future that someone can start working on today.
  3. Sign up for this newsletter and you'll hear real world problems every day. From there it's up to you to think of good solutions.
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Vineet Gupta
    Vineet GuptaInternet Technologies Evangelist · Written
    I think PH is one of the best places to hunt for Product Ideas. I am not saying to exactly copy what others are doing, but just tweak a bit or take inspiration & create something unique, innovative & better. For example: "News in Shorts" keeps your updated by sharing a news in just 60 words. You can come up with something similar, like, News for Cricket lovers in max 100 words or 50 words, or whatever. Hope it helps :)
    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      Product Hunt 4.0 is the best that has happened to Product Hunt yet. Easily one of my most favorite websites these days, and I see myself coming back daily to maintain my streak. I am at a 20 day streak now and I hope to see badges evolve with daily streaks - some sort of perks for people coming more often?

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    • Ramy
      RamyFounder @ Letterfuel

      This update is super useful for people deciding whether or not to use a product. Sometime you want to do a deep dive into a product before deciding whether or not to use it.

      The "😻 reviews" feature, as well as the "🔗 Around the Web" section makes this deep dive super easy.

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