Hrefna Helga (Habbi)
Hrefna Helga (Habbi)Product manager, Promogogo

Is there an app that splits your Mac screen into quarters?

What is it called again? It's a desktop app for Mac, that allows you to split your screen in 2 halves, or 4 quarters. Like really neatly. The colours of it were blue, I found it on Product Hunt maybe 2 months ago. But I cannot for the life of me find it again. Send help!
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    Magnet for Mac

    Keep your workspace organized

    Ben Parker
    Ben ParkerCustomer Success @ Webflow · Written
    Magnet for Mac allows you to split the screen into halves or quarters by just dragging and dropping windows. I love it and it works as advertised and I haven't really found any glitches with it. Another popular app is Moom. Moom doesn't use drag and drop though. Hope this helps!
    • Peter Mahoney
      Peter MahoneyFounder and CEO of Plannuh

      I love this product - the *only* thing I liked about Windows was the ability to snap my windows in to place on my desktop. Magnet adds the one feature I wanted for my Mac from Windows and super-sizes it - especially with multiple monitor support.

  2. 1

    Manage your window positions and size from your keyboard

    I use BetterSnapTool - very customizable.
    • Justin Plagis
      Justin PlagisMarketing Automation

      Great tool to effectively re-size your windows. Should be something standard on IOS, but this tool fixes it well.

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    Indispensable window management for Macs

    I've used Moom for the last couple of years. It works as advertised except for one small problem, which is that it sometimes switches Spaces when I'm attempting to drag a window to the right to have it snap into place. Happens rarely and there's probably a fix for it, but still often enough that it's worth mentioning.
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    Simple Mac window management

    Alex Hanschke
    Alex HanschkeCTO, techdev Solutions · Written
    Stays out of the way, can be configured to use presets bound to shortcuts, i.e. left-half, right-half, fullscreen.
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    Move and resize windows with ease on Mac.

    I've been using Spectacle on my Mac, lots of hot-key support and pretty low profile (just sits in the menu bar)
    • I like this tool. It's simple, free and doesn't get in your way. You just set the hotkeys you want to use and manage your windows with comfort. It's also open source:

    • James Holcomb
      James HolcombCyclist and software developer

      A great window sizing and placement manager for macOS.