What's the best service to sell your own ebooks?

I have one book published and will soon have my second book ready. I'm currently using Gumroad but I'm thinking of moving to woocommerce. Any better options?
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    Sell your digital products direct to your fans and followers

    Thomas EvansCOO, EmailOctopus · Written
    This app has been going a few years now but does all the essentials at a lower cost than many of the competitors
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    Make commerce better for everyone.

    Dre Durr💡Growth is the only thing that matters · Written
    Their platform is very easy to setup. Also the themes they have are pretty cool. It comes with a standard SSL certificate to provide more trust to your customers.
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    Simple Goods

    Easily sell digital goods.

    DrikerfFounder · Written
    Simple goods would be a great option if you can make the website yourself :).