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How do you keep track of the TV and Sports schedules?

Usually, because of work, I almost always miss out on the airing of the latest episode of my favorite TV show only to get it spoiled later in the office. :(
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    Turn your calendar into a memory machine

    I love this app. In fact, it isn't an app that you need to download even. I directly sync the available schedules with my Google Calendar and I don't miss out on new episodes ever.
  2. Utsav SomaniIndia, AngelList · Written
    Simple UI / UX, per episode tracking along with trailers of future episodes and synopsis (for the TV show geeks like me), suggests shows based on your current TV series + much more. It just simply works! Highly recommended.
  3. AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. · Written
    Been using Next Episode for over 5 years now (the website, not the app). I remember setting up all the different episodes was a bit of work, but once you're set it's easy.