Vijay Michalik
Vijay MichalikStrategy, PegaSys, ConsenSys

What's the best cold wallet solution?

I'm looking for the best way to store a couple of cryptocurrencies for 4/5/10 years.
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    Ledger Nano S

    A secure Bitcoin and Ethereum hardware wallet

    Hard wallet is the safest bet, you can have a couple just for redundancy. It has an 8 digit pin, just need to be careful with the recovery phrase.
    • Fahim Sachedina
      Fahim SachedinaApp Evangelist, Global App Testing

      When I first bought bitcoin, I kept an eye on how best to secure my investment and any future investments I decide to make.

      I kept hearing about the Ledger Nano S and decided my investment was worth approx €75.

      The Ledger basically adds a secondary security layer on what is pretty much a secure USB for cryptocurrency.

      The product has given me a great level of security for a small price. Even if the Ledger Nano S decides to wander off, my coins won't be lost, as I can just purchase a new Ledger wallet and put my coins in the new wallet by using the Chrome plugin. Easy :).

      You get a unique set of 24 words and have to enter 4-8 character passcode, so as long as you have those, you'll be fine.

      Highly recommend.

    • Valentin Commenge
      Valentin CommengeWeb Developer @MyLittleParis

      Very nice product, it's very slick ! Easy to use and support lot of coins !

      Support team is very nice and the website got a rich FAQ.

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    Bitcoin hardware wallet

    John Manoogian III
    John Manoogian IIIFounder, 140 Proof · Written
    Impressive hardware.
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    Bitcoin Trezor

    The Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    This one looks great, don't have it yet but ordering one soon!
  4. Next to what Juano writes, I would recommend a paper wallet.