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Lakshan PereraCreator of pragma.build

What are your favorite CLI apps?

Looking for ones with good UX and ergonomics.
5 recommended
  1. 18
    Hyper 1.0.0

    Terminal built and extensible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    It's beautiful!
  2. 9

    Swiss command line army knife for Mac OS X

    janniksSoftware Engineer, Innsbruck Β· Written
    Because it literally is a swiss army knife! You can do pretty much anything and everything πŸš€
  3. 7

    Product Hunt command line interface

    Niv DrorΒ―\_(ツ)_/Β― Β· Written
    I may be biased here... but Product Hunt CLI πŸ’―πŸ˜Š
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  4. Srebalaji ThirumalaiMade in India. Startup enthusiast. Coder Β· Written
    If you are using Git often, Then oh my Zsh is highly recommended. It also has alias for commonly used commands. And it has very good community support, custom themes, custom plugins.
  5. Bogdan Slovyagin$ is not a function Β· Written
    Nice looking, powerful, user-friendly