Which app is a must for your marketing stack?

I am looking to 'inspire' my marketing stack and include new apps that will help me automate my business. Feel free to suggest which one saves most of your time or helps scale your business.
KaterinaCo-Founder & Growth, EmbedSocial · Asked

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Ayush Mittal12bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
Buffer - the one that saves us a lot of time. Social media posts scheduling on autopilot across multiple social media accounts. We queue up the ready social media posts in advance so that we can focus on other things. I use Followerwonk evaluate the best times when our followers are most active and set the Buffer schedule accordingly.

Keep track of your brand online.

Jakub Rogalski18Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
I'd say a dedicated social media monitoring tool would be a nice addition to every marketer's toolkit. Despite some minor drawbacks like limited historical data, I think there's still plenty of data you could benefit from thanks to our tool. While it's impossible to reply to mentions directly within the dashboard, you can be easily redirected to the source of the mention by clicking the "Engage" button. One of my personal favourite features is the Slack integration that streamlines all the mentions the tool picks up into a selected channel.

Create a custom Twitter experience.

Ryan Hoover44Founder, Product Hunt · Written
Definitely Tweetdeck. If you're running an early or medium-stage startup, you should be monitor all mentions of your brand or site. I have a column for any Product Hunt mention, which helps me monitor sentiment, see what people are sharing, and discover new PH community members to chat with. 😊
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Mohammed RafyCommunity Manager at DoSelect, Inc · Written
Definitely Tweetdeck. Like Ryan mentioned you can create your own columns for your own product or a column keyword related to your product. Like for me, it's a hackathon column which I keep a tap on.

Do more with the services you love

Jessica LodgeProduct Manager · Written
IFTTT - Automates your entire app/internet-connected things catalogue. You can easily set UI friendly IF statements to automate an action on twitter if a separate action occurs on instagram for example. It's also great for personal life automated triggers.
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Shena GargAngular and Node.JS | Startups · Written
Analytics are the food for marketers and Mixpanel gives data that marketers can use in strategy. Without data, marketing is rarely strategic in the long run, and hence little rewards.
Trish Careymarketing director, SellerEngine · Written
ease for the team to add & update posts and plan ahead
Startup Threads

Ship custom shirts to fans & leads without holding inventory

Frank Denbow made this product
Makes the process of shipping tshirts and thank you packs to customers simple, humaizing your brand and amplifying your word of mouth advertising
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HotJar Insights

See how visitors are really using your website.

Magdalena JoveskaDigital Marketing Specialist · Written
Excellent tool for monitoring user behaviour on your website.
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Break up with bookmarks 💔

Attila Gajdicsco-founder, lumio · Written
Attila Gajdics made this product
Marketers are active users of the app, but I'm biased, I'm one of its makers, so let me rather quote others about it: "You can use it for content marketing, build up case-studies, make overviews of third-party reviews or collect other relevant information to send to prospects. Or to just keep up with inspiring stuff you find around the internet." See it among other great tools here: https://blog.salesflare.com/the-...
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sivaramworks for optinchat.com, manageyum.com · Written
It's a new tool in the market and the user’s of OptinChat have experienced high conversions than the traditional popups because of the interactive nature of OptinChat.
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Better Proposals 2

Sampath SGrowth Consultant · Written
Not sure if this falls under Marketing, but a solid product for all B2B professionals
Salesflare CRM

Intelligent sales CRM for startups who thrive on technology

Sampath SGrowth Consultant · Written
Love their automation, big time
Marketing Stack

A curated directory of marketing resources & tools

Ben Tossell18Community Lead, Product Hunt · Written
Ben Tossell made this product
I'm biased because I made this but I put together some useful marketing tools in different categories that I recommended
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FPCaster Lets me post to multiple Facebook pages a breeze.
Later - The new Latergramme

Hari MaheshCo-F @ ZAVR + Digital @ J&J · Written
Perfect tool for automating Instagram with a visually-oreinted interface. Both a web and mobile tool (iOS and Android) that allows you to schedule your posts from your media library, manage your scheduled posts on a list or calendar format, and preview your feed with the scheduled posts in it - perfect for making sure you are staying on theme :) Free plan is not restricted, allowing you to fully explore the tool, but the paid subscriptions are a bit confusing if you are managing multiple accounts. Compared to other tools (including Hootsuite), I've found this to be a better UI/UX overall. Been using for a couple months now.

Convert website visitors into subscribers

Aiyman HadiSenior Digital Marketing Manager · Written
Quick way to capture leads on your site. The tool is very easy to use and track!
NetHunt CRM

Turn Gmail into a smart CRM

Victor IryniukMarketing Manager, NetHuntCRM. · Written
Victor Iryniuk made this product
You can manage your clients and leads and Gmail and send them email marketing campaigns (newsletters, promotions emails, etc) without additional payments.