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KaterinaCo-Founder at EmbedSocial

Which app is a must for your marketing stack?

I am looking to 'inspire' my marketing stack and include new apps that will help me automate my business. Feel free to suggest which one saves most of your time or helps scale your business.
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    Create a custom Twitter experience.

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    Definitely Tweetdeck. If you're running an early or medium-stage startup, you should be monitor all mentions of your brand or site. I have a column for any Product Hunt mention, which helps me monitor sentiment, see what people are sharing, and discover new PH community members to chat with. 😊
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    Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed RafyAll things Community Β· Written
    Definitely Tweetdeck. Like Ryan mentioned you can create your own columns for your own product or a column keyword related to your product. Like for me, it's a hackathon column which I keep a tap on.
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    The New IFTTT App

    Do more with the services you love

    Jessica Lodge
    Jessica Lodgeex Product Manager - JS developer Β· Written
    IFTTT - Automates your entire app/internet-connected things catalogue. You can easily set UI friendly IF statements to automate an action on twitter if a separate action occurs on instagram for example. It's also great for personal life automated triggers.
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring πŸš€

    Kuba Rogalski
    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat Β· Written
    I'd say a dedicated social media monitoring tool would be a nice addition to every marketer's toolkit. Despite some minor drawbacks like limited historical data, I think there's still plenty of data you could benefit from thanks to our tool. While it's impossible to reply to mentions directly within the dashboard, you can be easily redirected to the source of the mention by clicking the "Engage" button. One of my personal favourite features is the Slack integration that streamlines all the mentions the tool picks up into a selected channel.
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    Digg Digg

    The floating share bar by Buffer

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications Β· Written
    Buffer - the one that saves us a lot of time. Social media posts scheduling on autopilot across multiple social media accounts. We queue up the ready social media posts in advance so that we can focus on other things. I use Followerwonk evaluate the best times when our followers are most active and set the Buffer schedule accordingly.
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Fabian Maume
    Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io Β· Written
    Nice to monitor how user interact with the website. I always have it setup in parallel to AB testing.
    I always ask my client to have Smartlook. It helps to understand the why PPC campaign, won't convert.
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    A marketplace of simple to use no-code APIs

    Fabian Maume
    Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io Β· Written
    That is my go to tool for automation. There are various marketing application leveraging linkedin, twitter or medium.
  7. 11
    Salesflare CRM

    Simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B

    Sampath S
    Sampath SCo-founder @ SaaS Mantra Β· Written
    Love their automation, big time
  8. 11

    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Matt Warcholinski
    Matt WarcholinskiπŸ’»πŸ“ˆBuilding highly scalable JS apps Β· Written
    For every marketer and non-developer to build new 'apps' by connecting existing ones. You can connect everything what has open API. ex. Client send an e-mail -> Save a pdf attached on google docs -> Send e-mail/name to mailchimp -> Send an e-mail sequence directly from google sheet etc.
  9. 9

    The command center for your social media team

    Vlad Calus made this product
    Definitely one of the best choice for marketing teams that are heavily focused on social. Planable is the most visual platform to create social media campaigns, collaborate on posts, exchange and give feedback, get posts approved and schedule to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  10. 8
    Mixpanel's New Free Plan + Startup Perks

    The most powerful product analytics, for free

    Shena Garg
    Shena GargAngular and Node.JS | Startups Β· Written
    Analytics are the food for marketers and Mixpanel gives data that marketers can use in strategy. Without data, marketing is rarely strategic in the long run, and hence little rewards.
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    Google Sheets

    Excel in the cloud

    Matt Warcholinski
    Matt WarcholinskiπŸ’»πŸ“ˆBuilding highly scalable JS apps Β· Written
    It's my to-do list, collaborative project management tool, database, P&L, reporting system, dashboard, SEO tracker, content management tool and more. You can do everything with it.
    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Google Sheets is immensely powerful if used right. Some of my use cases include the collection of all tweets based on a keyword into a Google Sheet, log tweets sent from a particular account and more.
    Janet Walker
    Janet WalkerUX researcher Β· Written
    realy usefull to share data
  12. 8

    See how visitors are using your site and get visual feedback

    Magdalena Ivanova
    Magdalena IvanovaDigital Marketing Manager @Devsy Β· Written
    Excellent tool for monitoring user behaviour on your website.
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    An all-new Intercom

    A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen Β· Written
    Everything from Lifecycle messaging to smart campaigns. Intercom builds your 1-to-1 channel to your prospects / customers.
  14. 4
    LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics on Hootsuite

    Schedule LinkedIn posts on Hootsuite, with trending hashtags

    Trish Carey
    Trish Careymarketing director, SellerEngine Β· Written
    ease for the team to add & update posts and plan ahead
  15. 4

    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    JohnFounder Β· Written
    Understand your users like never before
    Sebastian Potcher
    Sebastian PotcherRelocation specialist Β· Written
    Realy good analytics tool if you can afford it
  16. 4
    Better Proposals
    Sampath S
    Sampath SCo-founder @ SaaS Mantra Β· Written
    Not sure if this falls under Marketing, but a solid product for all B2B professionals
  17. 3
    Swag Packages

    Custom merchandise packages for sxsw

    Frank Denbow
    Frank DenbowINFLECTION (inflectioncommunity.com) Β· Written
    Frank Denbow made this product
    Makes the process of shipping tshirts and thank you packs to customers simple, humaizing your brand and amplifying your word of mouth advertising
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    Attila Gajdics
    Attila Gajdicsco-founder, lumio Β· Written
    Attila Gajdics made this product
    Marketers are active users of the app, but I'm biased, I'm one of its makers, so let me rather quote others about it: "You can use it for content marketing, build up case-studies, make overviews of third-party reviews or collect other relevant information to send to prospects. Or to just keep up with inspiring stuff you find around the internet." See it among other great tools here: https://blog.salesflare.com/the-...
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    Convert website visitors into subscribers

    Aiyman Hadi
    Aiyman HadiSenior Digital Marketing Manager Β· Written
    Quick way to capture leads on your site. The tool is very easy to use and track!
  20. 2
    Beaver Builder

    A drag and drop design system for WordPress

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen Β· Written
    If you're looking to constantly be testing and changing your website to optimise for a range of learning, I'd suggest using WordPress with Beaver Builder, as it gives you amazing flexibility.