What's the best CRM for a small/medium size business out there?

I got a company with 25 employees (http://sliday.com). So far, I've been able to manage all our clients in my Gmail contacts, this's been working well for the last 8 years. But the business is growing, more people are getting involved in the sales an… See more
Stas KuleshCreative Director, Sliday · Asked

4 recommended

Salesflare CRM

Intelligent sales CRM for startups who thrive on technology

Daan MoreelsTech entrepreneur · Written
Salesflare will do anything Pipedrive & co do, but automatically. No manual data input, address book fills out itself and all interactions with customers (emails, phone calls, meetings, website visits, link clicks are automatically logged in customer timelines.) It will use all that data to automate to-dos so it can tell you to follow up when you should. The idea is that you just have to write the emails and have the coffee. Integrates with over 700 other tools.
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HubSpot CRM

Organize, track, and sell

Ilya AzovtsevHelp sales team close more in less time · Written
Three main WHY: 1- Easy to use, so there is no need to waste a lot of time for training 2-Ability to send emails directly from Hubspot 3-free. If you ask about small, the price may be the key factor. And what about drawbacks, 1- there is a need to add all appropriate prospects and companies and deals when you create a task. 2- As for me, there is a lack of customer support. Sometimes there are no free customer supports. And in a nutshell I recommend this CRM
Enterprising Josh made this product
Bitrix24 is super cool. First, they don't charge on a per user basis - it's free for 12 users, $39/mo for up to 24 users and unlimited users are only $99/mo. Second, it combines client management with tasks and projects unlike any other CRM on the market. See https://www.bitrix24.com/feature...
Sibelius ClaussenProduct Designer, Somos Design · Written
I think that you were searching for a complete CRM product or integration between parts of your business the Bitrix24 can be useful. That has a lot of features that you can use, since being a small or a big company.
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Freshsales CRM

A full-fledged CRM for high-velocity sales teams.

Tejas KingerAssociate Brand Manager, Freshworks · Written
I think you should give Freshsales a spin. It is ideal for small and medium businesses, it comes with a ton of useful features, great pricing, and is backed by a great support team.