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Lawrence NingCo-founder, PhD student

How do you save a tweet for later (mobile and desktop)?

I have been using Instapaper to save tweets. Yet whenever I revisit the tweets, they're often saved in a weird format. So please advise if you have some other better ways to save tweets. Many thanks!
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    Save articles to Read Later

    Easily integrates across platforms
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    Ivan Mirindie app developer Β· Written
    If you are using Twitter mostly from a desktop browser, then Pocket's extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will help. It adds a small pocket button on each tweet – right between "retweet" and "like" buttons.
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    Graham CampbellπŸš€ new ventures, faster Β· Written
    Ivan does a great job highlighting exactly why Pocket is such a great tool for saving tweets (the simple button within Twitter). I would add that Pocket has probably one of the best designs and user experiences of any app out there. One example is when you save a page to Pocket, it automatically suggests recommended tags, which can be a major time saver when those match what you would have tagged the tweet/url with anyway. In addition, if you subscribe to the paid version of Pocket, Pocket Premium, as I have done ($4.99 per month, or $44.99 per year), I believe it actually saves a digital copy of any page you save to Pocket, in case the page/tweet is later deleted or moved. All these factors together create a lot of value for me, so much so that Pocket Premium joins the short list of apps I subscribe to on a monthly basis. Hope this helps Ning πŸ‘
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    Do more with the services you love

    Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    You can use IFTTT to setup applets that will automate the process for you. For example, you can setup a method where when you like a tweet, then it will save it to Pocket, or have it saved to a Google Spreadsheet, or you can even have the tweet sent to your email. Applets are really easy to setup and worth checking out.
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    New Twitter Apps

    All new design for Twitter's mobile apps

    Aishwarya HariharanMarketing at Freshworks Β· Written
    I use the Twitter Like to maintain a list of saved tweets
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    Highlight, save, and share any web page

    David Adamudesigner of the future πŸ¦„βœ¨ Β· Written
    Liner is really great for highlighting and saving Tweets. For me, it gives that extra functionality of highlighting a _specifc_ part of a tweet.