Tyler van der HoevenDeveloper, Baremetrics

What are people using to manage and trade their cryptocurrencies?

I know there are oodles of apps out there but lots of them are either just Venmo for Bitcoin, straight up dead or built by shady individuals or teams. Curious what you guys are using. Especially looking for something like Robinhood or Acorns for Bitcoin. Seems to be a lot of potential for quick trading if you could stay on top of the market.
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    The easiest place to buy and sell digital currency

    I've been using Coinbase too. Dead simple to buy/sell. I haven't used anything else so I'm not sure how it compares. But no complaints so far.
    Stefan RasmussenFounder & Lead-developer at JIGGY · Written
    Would reccoment Coinbase at any time, due to the simplicity of use for novice users combined with their GDAX exchange for advanced users. I've traded both Ether, Litecoins and Bitcoins with ease, and bank transfers are super smooth and fast! 😍
    Niv Dror14Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList · Written
    Coinbase for me. The most trusted imo.
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    Simple cryptocurrency price & portfolio monitor for macOS

    Pavan Sethi15building things. · Written
    This is another tool that has beautiful UI - I haven't used it personally yet but am going to give it a shot soon. They have released their macOS app and are currently doing a beta for the iOS app.
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    A next generation Bitcoin exchange

    Shlomo KlahrIntern @ Digital Currency Group · Written
    For you NY hunters out there, this is one of the few exchanges permitted under the BitLicense (and features dynamic volume-based fees, usually much lower than GDax!)
    Chen FangDirector of PM at Zenefits · Written
    Trading at its best.
  4. Shlomo KlahrIntern @ Digital Currency Group · Written
    Exchanges are not the safest place to keep your coins. If you plan to hold for an extended period of time, you're going to want to make a wallet. I made some paper wallets with MEW and it was an extremely smooth process.
  5. Hossam TlassInvestory, One Investment · Written
    Simply one of the best, Instant payouts and Almost Instant verification and high limits.
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Nicolas Van Hoorde6Co-Founder, Opus Labs · Written
    Nicolas Van Hoorde made this product
    As the maker of Delta, it's hard to be objective. But read the comments on our Product Hunt submission and you'll soon believe why Delta is the best portfolio management app available. At time of writing only for iOS & Android (yes, tablets too!), but desktop versions are coming later this year!
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    Forex meets bitcoin exchange

    Alex GarciaPerformance Marketer · Written
    This is one of the best ones out there. Worth checking it out.
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    Your blockchain interface

    Gianni D'AlertaDirector of Marketing Decentral and Jaxx · Written
    The very best wallet out there. If you don't own your keys you don't own your coins. Allows you to have multiple crypto currencies. You can easily exchange currencies into other currencies using their integrated Shapeshift.io integration, which basically makes the system an anonymous exchange. Also their system works on the browser and all other platforms, passphrase gets you access on every device, pc, mac, mobile, whatever. Lastly they use an HD wallet system that creates a new address after each use, that way people cant go snooping back into your account and see how much you have left. Their team is also top notch, they have been at early on. For an exchange to trade into fiat currencies, I would recommend Kraken.
  9. Pavan Sethi15building things. · Written
    Great question! I have a few recommendations for you because I haven't found one app or website that covers all my use cases. For trading, Coinigy seems to be the most popular - they have a great UI, can connect to your trading platforms, and have great tools for viewing charts. It does cost $15/month, but if you're actively trading, that's a small price to pay. For viewing your portfolio, watching prices of certain currencies, and keeping track of profit, Blockfolio is a great iOS app although you have to enter your positions manually. As for a free trading platform (meaning you just pay the small transaction fees), I would recommend Poloniex. They have been having some issues of going down recently, but that's just because they're the most popular trading platform in the world and have been getting crazy surges in traffic lately. If you're new to trading, I personally use a very detailed spreadsheet that focuses on tracking profits (because what else matters, right?) - feel free to reach out directly and I can share it with you!
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    Bitcoin alerts. 100+ cryptocurrencies supported.

    Shlomo KlahrIntern @ Digital Currency Group · Written
    Coindera is great for keeping track of crypto trading while you're on the move.
  11. Dapo OlaopaUI Designer, Texsoft · Written
    Very simple UI, easy to use. It's essentially a multi-currency wallet although only supports about 7 of them with more to come later. It lets you convert from one cryptocurrency to another (via Shapeshift). It's desktop only for now
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    The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world

    Bitcoin-based market where you can perform margin trading between bitcoin and altcoins. It lacks functional mobile app but the website offers bitcoin and altcoin lending which is a very powerful feature.
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    Coindex Beta

    Elegant cryptocurrency price tracking on iOS

    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    Have been using Coincap. Way more coins (500+) and cross platform. Quite stable, too, nice graphs, quite fast to refresh.
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    Making cryptocurrencies spendable anytime anywhere

    TenX has a different twist, it's a debit card you can use to purchase cryptocurrency. Their reviews seem amazing.
  15. JarrodArtificial Intelligence Lead · Written
    Great site for tracking the whole market & getting intelligent A.I signals
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    Cryptocurrency price, news, alerts & portfolio tracker

    Hari Krishna DulipudiMaker of ACrypto,AnExplorer & VolleyPlus · Written
    Hari Krishna Dulipudi made this product
    * Basic Price tracker for top 1000+ cryptocurrencies * Altcoin List in different FIAT currencies * CryptoCurrency News from multiple news sites * Arbitrage opportunities for multiple currencies * Alerts for price and arbitrage change * Maintain all your portfolio in a single place * Advanced charts for pro traders
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    Super Crypta

    Cryptocurrency Portfolio for macOS' Notification Center

    Ricardo FerreiraEngineer and Entrepreneur · Edited
    A great app for macOS users to view their cryptocurrency portfolio changes right within the notifications center. It supports thousands of altcoins from coinmarketcap. Plus you get a cryptocurrency calculator which you can use to calculate how much USD(or your local currency) you did earn in your trade
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    Crypto Central

    Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker 💸

    Vincent TellierCrypto Central maker · Written
    Vincent Tellier made this product
    We have made Crypto Central easy to use to manage your cryptocurrencies. Our community is growing every day. Can't be more happy to have you onboard!
  19. Automated API integration for popular exchanges, ability to bulk import trades from exchanges that are not popular, ability to import the balances and transactions from wallets. In this post I have written the features that I generally use. https://steemit.com/cryptocurren...