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Which VPN do you like the most?

My favourite is Opera VPN, it's free and amazing. What's yours?
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  1. Likalo
    LikaloFounder @ Likalo · Written
    I use ZenMate, it let's me set my VPN to various countries to access international content that may otherwise be blocked. I travel a lot and want to watch US content on youtube, a lot of it is blocked for non US viewers (US Netflix too). So I use ZenMate VPN (bough premium unlimited) to stream locale restricted videos in high quality.
  2. 4
    Cloak 3.0

    A VPN for iOS. Browse safely on public WiFi.

    I use Cloak for both Mac and iOS. I like that it works on both and I can use the same account. Great UI and super easy to use. Buying "passes" is also nice. I don't always need a VPN. So I only buy passes when I'm traveling.
    I've been using Cloak for the last couple of years. It's a seamless experience on both Mac and iOS. I've only dealt with their customer support once, but it was a positive experience.
  3. 3

    The sexiest Mac app for VPN

    Great speeds and apps 👌
    QuentinProduct & Growth @ Dolead · Written
    P2P, Streaming, Anonymity, Double-VPN or VPN + Tor, and lots of countries. Not the fastest VPN but does everything you need!
  4. 3
    Private Internet Access

    $40/yr VPN w/ unlimited bandwidth & worldwide gateways

    Ricardo Polo
    Ricardo PoloCo-founder of Tulpep · Written
    It just works!
  5. 3

    Control your internet on any device with the fastest VPN ⚡️

    Charles Magnuson
    Charles MagnusonProfessional Consumer · Written
    Fast speeds, easy to use, and cross platform.
    • Scott at Meliovation
      Scott at MeliovationVacationCounts Blogger and App Developer

      Great for people who travel often and want to connect securely to hotel, airport, or public WiFi and also to set their computer or device to appear as if in their home country for personal and work purposes. Critical for travel in some countries such as China where Google and Facebook are blocked.

  6. I've been using it for a while and love it!!