Jason BellMarketing PhD Student

Is there a "noprocrast" mode for everything?

On Hacker News, there is a feature that keeps you from spending too much time on the site. Anything general purpose (Medium, PH, Twitter, FB) out there?
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    A Mac app to block distracting websites

    Ivan Mirindie app developer · Written
    Focus is the most customizable Mac app for this and it works for all browsers.
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    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Check out the RescueTime Chrome extension. You can limit how much time you spend on certain types of sites.
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    Cold Turkey

    Temporarily block unproductive sites while working

    Works on Mac, Win, Android. With the free version you can block list(s) of websites you pre-defined. Pro version (one time fee) adds the possibility to block apps, scheduling, and some other options.
  4. You can add sites to a redlist and set a total time limit for sites on the list. Its simple to use and free.
  5. Ana Carolina MenezesHead of Marketing @ Byld · Written
    It will help track social media use and make a better use of your time!