Jon ThompsonTech at Independents United

What are the best Playstation VR games?

I have a PSVR for a weekend to see what it can really do before I decide to buy one myself.
3 recommended
  1. RE7 is arguably the most complete game experience for VR. It'll scare the pants off of you.
  2. 8
    Rez Infinite

    The legendary sci-fi music rhythm shooter returns in VR!

    Rez is sort of the game you imagined in your mind when you used to think about what VR was like before it became more mainstream.
  3. 6
    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

    Coop VR bomb defusal: You have the bomb, he has the manual

    This might be the best party game for VR on any platform. The premise is simple: you have a bomb, an instruction manual, and a limited amount of time to defuse it. I recommend printing out a single shared copy of the manual to make it more of a challenge.