What's the best tool to compress images?

I'm looking for a tool that can handle a lot of large images, and make them as small in file size in 1 go. With as little effect as possible on the images of course :)
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  1. Ivan Mir3maker of Qbserve time tracking app · Written
    On Mac ImageOptim is a free and open-source app with a clean UI that uses the best command line optimization tools like MozJPEG and Pngcrush.
    Clean interface and easy-simply drag the images! I've tried to compress over 1k images at a time, it took a while but was pretty smooth.
  2. Willie Morris3Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    Had to.
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  3. 4

    Your images, processed on the fly, delivered fast.

    Ryan Hoover78Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Imgix is ideal for developers and regular image compression. We use it on Product Hunt to convert images and GIFs to difference sizes and resolutions. Without it, the site would be widely slow.
  4. ranrubCloudinary.com · Written
    I work there. It's a cloud-based image management system with endless features, from upload/storage, through a wide array of image manipulation options, to fast delivery via multiple CDNs. For image compressing, we have the full-auto mode, which selects the image format, quality and crops out the uninteresting parts, see http://cloudinary.com/blog/intro...
    You can create a free account easily on Cloudinary. I would recommend uploading high-res or lossless originals, then using w_[width],f_auto,q_auto to get scaled-down images that use the right image format for the particular image and browser (PNG, JPEG, lossy/lossless WebP if available, etc), at the right quality settings for the particular image so you get optimal compression without artifacts. You can use q_auto:eco to further reduce the file sizes, or q_auto:best if you're really picky about quality and want to bump it up.
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  5. Kailash AryaIntense Interactive · Written
    You can convert one image at a time, you need to download desktop app to do further Note: it's paid.
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    Kraken Image Optimizer

    Optimize your images with blazing speed

    Easy to use, the UI is good too
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    Squash 2 for Mac

    The easiest way to compress and optimize images for the web

    Squash is great. It's essentially the same as ImageOptim, but has a fancier interface.
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    Telegram Desktop 1.0

    Fast and secure desktop messaging app, now updated

    Javier FrancoCTO and Inbound Marketeer in Ases Media · Written
    Despite what it may seem, Telegram is a spectacular productivity tool. It is possible to store in your profile all types of files and the application allows you to compress all kinds of jpg, mov, etc files In an excellent option at the same time that is very fast.
  9. Kailash AryaIntense Interactive · Written
    You can convert 20 images at a time.
  10. Manu ChaudharyCo-founder at ImageKit.io · Written
    If your use case is to deliver optimized images on the website or app, then you can try ImageKit.io - https://imagekit.io. The moment you start delivering images through ImageKit, it takes care of format selection, quality adjustments and smart cropping. Besides compression, it offers dynamic URL based resizing parameters and uses CDN for a faster delivery. We have seen people getting 30%+ reduction in page weight just by a mere host name change in the code.
  11. 1

    Compress PNG images that preserves full alpha transparency

    Easy to use, fast and it reduces .png image sizes by 90% keeping a very good quality.