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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Keep them. Syncs everywhere.
  2. Ivan Mir3maker of Qbserve time tracking app · Written
    Pocket has extensions for all browsers, so you can send pages to it in just one click and then read them on different devices while being offline.
    using this.
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    Team communication from a team of Ex-Skypers

    For me, Fleep works great for this purpose. Its actually a communication tool but I like to categorize my web links and put them in different "channels".
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    Not a link management tool per se, but I use channels to store and share links with the team. Besides, for marking out important links for a future reference can mark them using favourites. Another way could be by stacking up the links on the Shared To-dos app. It's an in-built app on Flock...
    • RJ Lewis DigitalRJ Lewis, Digital Consultant

      I love that flock is stable, easy to use and has a good base of application integrations. I typically miss flowdock, but the overall collaborative experience is better than slack. Been using a little over 6 mos.- couldn't pick that though