Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe

What's the best tool to automate persona-targeted LinkedIn outreach?

Can't be spammy / cold outreach. Has to be targeted.
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    Dux-Soup (Lead generation for LinkedIn)
    Dux-Soup is a little Chrome extension you can use to automatically visit all of the LinkedIn profiles on a search result page. These people will be notified of you visiting them. A lot of them will visit you back. You’ll be getting new connections, introductions and leads without lifting a finger. You’ll also have their names, industries, roles, company domains and whatever else they have filled in on their LinkedIn profiles. Exportable as a .CSV — file. As of recently, Dux-Soup can help you to find email addresses paired to LinkedIn profiles. It’ll ask you up front if you want it to. Found email addresses are traded in for points. You can buy points or acquire them by trading in email addresses of your own.
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth HudsonSocial Media Marketer, Recruitee · Written
    I think the best way to do this would be to work with a recruitment outreach template for the situation and tweak it from there if necessary. This will really save on time and add to the personalization. I recommended Recruitee, because they have some awesome ones in their email templates! Here's a link: