What money management product "outdoes" Mint?

Basically, it has all that Mint has but does it better, and still is free.
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    Empower for Crypto

    Auto-sync and track all your crypto on mobile, for free!

    Peter Park
    Peter ParkFounder & CEO, ConnectHealth · Written
    Easier to use than Mint, in my opinion, and way better for managing my budget across my accounts. It's new but I've been testflighting it for a while, and glad to see a first version on the App Store now.
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    Prosper Daily

    Track & control your money like a boss

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Similar to Mint, great looking UI, and seems to focus more tools on catching fraudulent charges than other apps I've seen.
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    Michael Nakayama
    Michael NakayamaSoftware dev and entrepreneur · Written
    I don't use this product because of the price, but from the research I've done this seems to be a pretty good tool for managing money and finances. Especially considering for tracking your assets that aren't cash money accounts to calculate your net worth. You can also get projections out several months and even years for the value of your accounts.
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    Personal Capital

    All your accounts, All in one place.

    Dan Caron
    Dan CaronFull stack developer and entrepreneurer · Written
    More stable API integrations, cleaner interface, no advertising, nice mobile app.